Dogtown: Sociable Dolly likes laps and belly rubs


Week 17 of shelter in place and we have some great news! The Sheriff’s Office is allowing a small amount of volunteers to return to the shelter. 

The dogs and cats will be thrilled to see some new faces, even if they are wearing masks! This will allow for shy animals to get exposed to some new people and rambunctious ones to learn that there are rules (like walking nice on the leash) that other people expect them to follow. 

My friend Ashley and I have been holding down the fort for four months now and are so happy to have reinforcements coming!

One of our adoptable dogs that will be thrilled to have some new friends is Dolly. Dolly is a 1-year-old female who appears to be a Labrador mix. 

Dolly was picked up near Benbow with two other dogs. They were snacking on some road kill and Animal Control assumed they all knew each other previously. 

It turned out that the two boys may have joined in because Dolly was in heat (just another reason to get your dogs spayed and neutered!), but other than that they didn’t have an affiliation. 


The little male had a home that he went back to and the big fellow was adopted last week from the shelter. We are now getting to know Dolly and what a sweetie she is!

Dolly loves people and she loves attention. She would like to be a lap dog, though her size may preclude that, depending on how you feel about 60 pound lap dogs. 

She is content to lean in for pets and will flop over to have her belly rubbed. She doesn’t seem to care much about toys and balls but is quite friendly with other dogs. 

Our initial cat test indicated that she may be cat-friendly as well. Dolly knows Sit and will work for food, making her a good candidate for more doggie education. 

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Dolly is still a youngster but we believe that she will develop into a wonderful, obedient companion with a little guidance from a loving adopter. 

Dolly is spayed, micro-chipped and current on her vaccinations. She is available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. 

The shelter is still open by appointment only, Monday through Friday. To set up an appointment to meet Dolly, please call (707) 840-9132.




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