Dogtown: Smart, self-directed Grover is entertaining applicants for a new adventure pal

Week 25 of the new normal. Even the weather seems different this year. What happened to our usual Fog-ust? It sure seems like it was an awfully sunny August. The doggy wading pool at the shelter has never been in such high demand! This week’s star is a big fan of the pool and the pool toys.

Grover is a two-year-old mixed breed neutered male. The shelter lists him as a border collie mix and he definitely has some cattle dog of one sort or another in him. The hair down his back has a wave most commonly associated with Labrador Retriever, so we think he has some of that also. 

Grover is a sturdy boy with a lot of smarts. He was found on the Avenue of the Giants near Miranda. You can’t help but wonder if a dog was dumped when they turn up in a rural area… 


Due to a miscommunication between the shelter and Redwood Pals, Grover spent his first two weeks isolated in a kennel at the shelter. We though he was a quarantined dog (one who had bit someone) but in fact he was just a scared boy who was off in a quiet corner. 

When I first met him he had been sitting there alone since his arrival. He did give me a growl, but when I asked him to sit, he plopped right down. Surprised by that, I asked him to lie down and he quickly demonstrated that he knew that one also. 

I leashed him up and we went on the first of many walks where we were able to see what a good boy he really is.

Grover loves toys and will put on a silly show when given anything new. 

He likes to pull all the toys out of the pool and redistribute them around the play yard. We have found that he seems able to entertain himself for quite a while without needing a person to throw balls or play with him, though he is also happy to play fetch. 

Grover has even taken the initiative to explore some of our newly donated agility equipment on his own! He is a smart dog with a working command of Sit, Down, Shake and a few other obedience directions. 

Grover insects the agility equipment. Photos by Mara Segal | Dogtown

He will really thrive with an adopter who is willing to continue his training and who would rise to the challenge of staying one step ahead of this smartie! 

Grover is also very affectionate and will try to be a lap dog if he has the opportunity. 

Grover has been friendly with other dogs though he has a vocal style that might put some dogs off. Other dogs seem to recognize that it is just his invitation to play. He could be a companion to the right laid-back dog but would be equally happy to have his people all to himself! 

He would be happy with adopters that like to get out and do things, whether it be trips to the beach or the river or hiking the local trails. 

If you are looking for a smart boy to get out and explore with, Grover is your guy! To meet Grover, please contact Redwood Pals at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.



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