Dogtown: Shelter behind the scenes, and meet Moose

Week 35. There are many things to be thankful for this week. I am thankful for all the people that work with the dogs and cats in the shelter – volunteers and staff – and all of the others who help us to get dogs out of the shelter and happily on their way to a better future, whether by contributing financially or taking in fosters. 

Since the start of COVID, seven different families have taken on the fun and hard work of having a litter of puppies in their home, a project which involves a lot of clean-up, endless puppy kisses and the satisfaction of seeing the little ones off to their forever homes. 

We work with some wonderful vets who make time to look at an ailing puppy or an old guy’s ears even when every local vet is completely swamped. Friends and customers bring me the dog treats their dog doesn’t like (my Hank has never met a treat he doesn’t like), leashes and collars they no longer need, and lots of fun used toys which our shelter and foster dogs adore. 

We are thankful when adopters reach out for help and thankful for the trainer we work with who gives those folks some great advice. 

I am undoubtedly missing some other people but this list would not be complete without a nod to my incredibly patient husband who doesn’t blink when another dog comes in our door or when 300 pounds of donated dog food needs to come in from the car!

At the shelter, we are thankful that we have an Emergency Medical Fund, administered by the Friends for Life Animal Rescue. 

This fund allows for veterinary care that the county would not otherwise be able to provide. Recent expenditures have helped a kitten who came in with such a bad infection that he needed to have an eye removed, a puppy who contracted parvo, a cat with a broken leg, a dog who needed a femoral head osteotomy (FHO) from an old injury and more. 

Traditionally the shelter holds a Holiday Open House to raise funds but that won’t be happening this year due to pandemic restrictions. 

We are joining the ranks of virtual fundraisers with options for silent auction, raffle and monetary donations. 

Watch the Humboldt County Animal Shelter Facebook page for info on how to participate. We’ll have flyers at the pet stores and local bulletin boards also.

Big handsome Moose is the shelter’s poster boy for this week. Moose is about two years old and may be a mix of chocolate lab and German Shepherd. He is quite tall and has a beautiful auburn coat and golden eyes. 

Moose has a very cute one ear up, one ear down look that makes everyone smile. He has not had a lot of previous training but is learning quickly. 

This sensitive boy would like to be a lap dog but his size kind of gets in the way of that. He does like to lean on his handlers for some extra pets and attention! 

Moose has been friendly with all of the dogs that he has met at the shelter. He isn’t a big player but is happy to hang out in the yard with the others. He was very patient when one of the young female dogs threw herself at him! 

Moose would do better in a home without cats, but would love to meet you (and your dog if there is one) for a possible long term relationship. 

Call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 to make an appointment to meet Moose. Like all the adoptable pets, he is altered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations.



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