Dogtown: Rollo – 90 pounds of love and loyalty


By the time you are reading this, Humboldt will be starting to return to normal, whatever that means. In dog and cat news, it means that the shelter will be returning to pre-COVID hours and will now be open until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Appointments are still required to meet the adoptable animals. Call (707) 840-9132 to schedule.

I’ve been highlighting some of our bigger dogs lately. Here’s one more.

Big Mastiff mix Rollo is another gentle giant. He is five years old and weighs about 90 pounds. Rolo’s dream is to find a nice home with gentle people who will make him feel safe while still appreciating his affection and silliness!

I first met Rollo about a year ago when his people were living in a motel room with three dogs and five cats. They contacted Redwood Pals for some help with dog and cat food, which we provided. Not too long after that all of the animals ended up at the shelter. 

Despite many attempts at helping, in the end the owner only took one of the dogs. The other female went up for adoption and shy Rollo went into foster with Redwood Pals. The cats were placed through cat rescue. We thought Rollo had found his forever home but we were mistaken as we just recently realized. So now a forever home is our goal for Rollo.

Rollo is a little shy at first but warms up pretty quickly. He has had to be in boarding for a few days as we don’t have another place for him, but he has taken it like a champ! The boarding attendant adores him and told me she always spends a little extra time cuddling with him as he is so lovable! 

We know that he likes cuddling, is a willing participant in doggie dress-up, likes to be tucked in at night, loves the beach, doesn’t love getting in the car but does enjoy the ride, and he will greet you every time you come home like you have been gone for years! Though Rollo has lived with dogs and cats and is friendly to both, we are looking for a single pet home for him where he can have the confidence of being his people’s number one best boy.

Rollo is neutered, housebroken and current on his vaccinations. If he tugs at your heart strings, please contact us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842 for more info or to arrange a meeting.



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