Dogtown: Riggins, Loyal Dog of Adventure, stands tall

Riggins in the dunes.

Week 57. Dogs come to us in many ways. Many of the dogs we work with arrived at the shelter for one reason or another, some are puppies whose mothers arrived at the shelter pregnant and went into our foster programs, and some dogs are referred to us from other agencies such as veterinarians or social services. We try to help where we can and are proud of the happy endings that we have facilitated. 

Baby Riggins.

Sometimes we are asked to help when dog owners have unforeseen circumstances that require rehoming of their dogs. That was the case for three-year-old Riggins.

Riggins was a Redwood Pals puppy, born in March of 2018 to a mama who came to the shelter very pregnant. Mama Kali, Riggins, and his eight brothers and sisters were fostered with one of our volunteers and adopted to local families when the pups were old enough. I get regular reports from some of the adopters even three years later! 

Riggins has had a good life with his adopter and her older female dog. Recently some major life changes occurred and Riggins’ person will be moving across the country and into a small apartment. 

We are helping Riggins to find a new home where he can continue his Humboldt County life of exploring the beaches and running the forest trails. His former owner says if you are looking for an adventure partner, Riggins is the dog for you!

Riggins today.

This border collie mix is an excellent running partner and has logged hundreds of miles in his short life. Riggins loves to run and chase balls or sticks. 

He also has a mellow side and is very well-behaved inside the house. He has had training and has a good obedience foundation including recall. 

Riggins plays well with other dogs and would be a good match for another playful dog. He can be a little shy upon meeting new people but once he gets to know you he is a happy goofball and very loyal. 

His ideal home would have a yard and would not have cats or chickens. Another dog to play with would work but is not a requirement. Riggins is neutered and current on his vaccinations. He can be micro-chipped at adoption. 

If you would like to meet Riggins, please contact Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.

My favorite quote of the past week came from the folks who are adopting Bindi, recently featured here. When asked if she would be staying with them after a trial sleepover, her new dad replied, “We would all run for the hills if someone tried to come and get her. We absolutely love her. She is a love bug and we want her forever.” 

And that is what keeps us going in the dog rescue world.


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