Dogtown: Rescuers to meet with Sheriff to talk policy

You may have heard that there is some controversy involving the Sheriff’s Office and rules for how long an animal may stay at the shelter once it has been determined that it does not meet the shelter’s standards for adoption.  

This policy affects dogs and cats that rescue groups such as Redwood Pals work with. Representatives from the cat and dog rescues that work with the shelter have been invited to a discussion with Sheriff Honsal.  

Hopefully this will result in a revision that everyone can agree on. I will be at the meeting and will report back as to the results. 

Meanwhile, if you saw any of the social media that said eight dogs had a two week deadline to leave the shelter or be euthanized, I am happy to report that our rescue, Redwood Pals, and our friends and rescue partners, Upward Hound, were able to find good safe placements for all of the dogs! 

As so often happens, the dogs are totally different out of the shelter and are living up to their full potentials. We are very happy about this.

But back to the adoptable shelter dogs, who have never been at any risk under these guidelines. 

We have quite a selection between our longer residents and dogs that have just recently come up for adoption. 

Come on by the shelter Monday to Friday to see who is there waiting for you. One cutie you might meet is little Hobbes. And yes, this is a Calvin and Hobbes reference! 

Hobbes is about 10 months old and looks a little like a German Shepherd crossed with a Corgi, though breed is always a best guess. He is short and sturdy and very charming! The volunteers are in love with him. 

He likes to stay close to his handler and is very affectionate. He is still a youngster though and can be playful in the yard, zooming around and playing with his toys.

Hobbes would make a fine family dog. He does not show any interest in jumping up on people and has nice manners for a young dog. Come meet Hobbes today at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. Like all of the adoptable animals at the shelter, 

Hobbes is altered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. Keeping the shelter population down by adopting benefits all of the animals. Come see if your new best friend is there waiting for you!



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