Dogtown: Redwood Pals’ wild ride!

What has our Redwood Pals Rescue been up to lately, you ask? Hold on to your hats, it’s been a wild ride! 

In the last week we have vaccinated 17 puppies, 10 way out in Weitchpec (a beautiful drive), taken six dogs to the vet for health certificates so that they can travel out of state for rescue, bailed out three dogs from the shelter for owners that could not afford the fees (and drove some of them home), taken in a 10-year-old blind Boston Terrier, took our shelter rescue Chief to get neutered (we’re still hoping we can help him pass the temp tests and become adoptable at the shelter), driven six dogs (two from the shelter plus a mama and three puppies) to our friends in Brookings at the South Coast Humane Society, where five of them have already been adopted, set up neuter appointments for several homeless dogs (stood up this week but we’ll keep trying!) arranged for two gigantic Malamutes at the shelter to go to Malamute Rescue in Washington,  a project which involves coordinating three different legs of the trip plus an overnight in Portland, placed shelter dog Wrangler in a foster home where he can complete his heartworm treatment, placed our beloved Mamacita in a foster home so that she doesn’t have to get put in boarding every time we have to take in a dog with no notice, and placed wonder dog Teddy in his forever home! 

Whew! And next week Jim will drive all the way to Seattle to give Willow a fresh chance for a big dog adoption while dropping off those ten Weitchpec puppies and hopefully, a very pregnant mama with our friends at Oregon Humane Society in Portland. 

Unfortunately, our Cookie will not be going to Seattle with her friend Willow as her health certificate exam discovered that she was positive for heartworm, a big disappointment for us.

Did I miss anything? 

Oh yes, the 10 unaltered adult dogs out in Weitchpec where the puppies are. They belong to nice people; the situation just got out of hand. 

We are working with them to get all the dogs to the fabulous Neuter Scooter and Dr. Peavy next week to get everyone spayed and neutered!

We have grants for some things, like spays and neuters, get some things donated, like dog food, pay gas expenses out of our own pockets, get no funding for impound fees and try our hardest to find special grants or funding for veterinary expenses like the $1,000 it will cost for Cookie’s heartworm or a similar amount for little Lucy the Boston’s eye removal, as recommended by the vet. 

If you are moved to make a contribution, we won’t say no! Our mailing address is P.O. Box 2913, McKinleyville CA 95519 or you can reach us at (707) 633-8842.

We also still work with the dogs at the shelter also. Here is a beautiful dog that spent quite a long time on the Hold side of the shelter before we discovered just how good a dog she was and helped bring her to the shelter staff’s attention.


Bonnie is a 6-year-old spayed female, guesstimated to be a German Shepherd mix. She is a sweet and gentle dog. 

She walks very nicely on the leash and is in no big hurry to go anywhere. Her favorite thing in the world is to have attention from someone. 

Bonnie knows “Sit” and “Shake” and is a big cuddler. She is not a ball dog but could be a jogging buddy. She would love to be someone’s best friend! She loves the car and is hopped into several volunteer’s cars when they went to grab a sweatshirt or water bottle.

Bonnie is timid meeting other dogs, but is friendly when she knows they are friendly also. You can meet Bonnie at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville.

 More info is at petharbor,com or you can call the shelter at (707) 840-9132.


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