Dogtown: Peppy Miss Pippa, laid-back Arnie

Week 48. We’ve been having some good rain lately. Have you wondered what happens with the dogs at the shelter on a rainy day? Our intrepid volunteers are usually willing to suit up in raingear and get everyone out for a potty break, but we move inside for some real fun! 

A nondescript hallway on a weekday turns into doggie playland on the weekend! A bucket full of tennis balls, egg cartons, muffin tins and Kleenex boxes with tiny treats inside, lots of toys that squeak or crackle and even a “photo op” setup with seasonal themes and a soft dog bed make up the fun zone. These are all things that you can do at home to entertain your own dog. One muffin tin with treats hidden under tennis balls can prove quite interesting for a housebound dog.

Two of the dogs that came out to play last weekend were Pippa and Arnie. These two approached the toys and games differently, but both had a great time and made us smile.


Pippa is a three-month-old female Pit mix puppy. She is one of the smartest little dogs we’ve seen in a while! Pippa already has a good sit onboard and is very quick to learn new skills. She was extremely thorough as she checked out every toy and game spread out. Pippa is curious and ready to explore anything and everything around her. She impressed the volunteers with the fantastic use of her senses – smell, sight, and hearing – while she was making her way through the doggie fun land. Pippa is going to excel in an active home with people who want to encourage her bright mind. She loves all sorts of toys, especially the squeaky ones. 

This pup will need adopters that want to work with her and teach her everything that they can so that she does not get bored. Pippa really wants to know what the next game is going to be and is ready to learn! If you’re looking for a dog that is interested in showing off all her skills for you then come meet little Miss Pippa!

Four-year old-Arnie is quite a different personality type. He is quite a sensitive soul and is reserved upon first meeting new people. Give him a little time to let his lovely personality come out and you will be richly rewarded. We cannot say it enough times; this boy is so sweet! He likes his treats, loves his people, and just this week started to play with a tennis ball.


Arnie would love a laid-back home where he can go on leisurely walks with his adopter and have cuddle time at some point during the day. He is a gentle walker on the leash and is quite attentive.  Given the opportunity, he likes to shower his close friends with kisses and we think he will make a devoted companion. Arnie weighs about 70 pounds and from what we have seen, we think he might do well in a home with cats and other dogs.

Pippa and Arnie are both available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. They are spayed and neutered, micro-chipped and current on their vaccinations. If you are interested in meeting them (or other dogs or cats at the shelter) the first step is to fill out an adoption application which can be found on the shelter’s official website at Information and appointments are available by calling the shelter at (707) 840-9132, Monday through Friday.


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