Dogtown: Peanut butter party pleases pooches


Griffin and Sunny sharing some peanut butter. Courtesy Mara Segal


Here is your doggie update for week five of shelter in place. It’s a happy update! 

The shelter population is at the lowest number that I have seen in the eight years that I have been involved in volunteering. 

So far about 15 dogs have had the chance to spend time out of the shelter in a foster home and nine of those have been adopted. 

Some of them only spent a night with a foster before being adopted, but we think that still gave them a boost of confidence before meeting their adopters.  

Other dogs have been adopted before fosters even had a chance to take them out. The dogs that have been holding down the fort back at the shelter have been having a pretty good time also. 

Shelter staff have been letting them have group play in the center courtyard and some great friendships have been formed. 

On one recent afternoon, they had a peanut butter party and the faces the dogs made were priceless! Follow their photos and stories on the Humboldt County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

One young pup waiting for his forever home is Mickey. Mickey is identified as a lab mix and is guesstimated to be about 7 months old. 

He is a very happy boy who loves his toys and his best friend Scooby! According to his human friends, Mickey is “a HAPPY, fun, energetic boy that will lean in for pets and eventually flop on his back for a belly rub. Mickey loves all sorts of toys and plays a pretty good game of fetch. Eager boy Mickey already knows sit and should be a lot of fun to teach him more!” 

Mickey has been friendly in his encounters with cats, though his exuberance might be too much for the shyer cats. Mickey is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. 

He is available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. All adoption activities are by appointment only at this time so if you’d like to meet Mickey or any of his shelter buddies, please call (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday.



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