Dogtown: Parker, plus Daphne and her pups

Week 30. Humboldt County has moved to the less restrictive yellow tier of COVID protocol. 

The shelter has decided to open its doors for the public to come and pay licensing or redeem their impounded pets. Meet and greets for the adoptable cats and dogs will continue to be by appointment only, as that limits the number of people in the enclosed areas and also seems to be working quite well. 

We are excited to reclaim a bulletin board in the lobby of the shelter to post photos and information about the available animals. 

The most current listings of available cats and dogs (and the occasional rabbit or bird) can always be found by going to

Redwood Pals has been busy the last few weeks with puppy business! Chica’s puppies, seen here a few weeks ago, have all been snapped up and are packing their bags to move in with their new families. 

The last adopter had decided just hours before we heard from one of our supporters that there was another family of mom and pups that needed to be relocated ASAP.

Daphne and her puppies. Mara Segal | Dogtown

We try to offer support for owners so that they do not get rid of their animals, but in this case the owner was in over their head and wanted the dogs gone.

We now have a young Mastiff named Daphne and her seven Shepherd mix puppies with a foster. Expect to see them here in another week or two!

The pups close up.

We are grateful to our foster homes; we could not do what we do without them. We are always looking for possible fosters to have a roster available when a need arises. 

Our funny boy Grover is still looking for a foster home to get him out of the shelter. I almost forgot that another litter of pups was born last week! 

A lovely dog from the Dinsmore area arrived at the shelter near the end of her pregnancy. We whisked her off to one of our experienced fosters and two days later she had 10 puppies! 

This lovely Border Collie mix made it look easy; she even took a couple of breaks outside causing the foster to run after her with a flashlight, expecting to find a puppy on the lawn! Her pups won’t be ready for eight to 10 weeks yet but we look forward to watching them grow.


If puppies aren’t your thing, maybe you would enjoy the company of a more mature dog. The shelter has this sweet fellow, Parker, available. 

One of his new volunteer friends described him this way: “Parker is a somewhat older fellow who is a bit dignified and well-mannered. He is a good leash walker and is independent, wanting to check out his surroundings. He will profit from getting more exercise and reclaiming his youthful figure! He knows ‘sit’ and perhaps more, and is gentle when he takes treats. In the playpen he shows his frisky side, enjoying a good romp, playing with balls, and checking out the kiddie pool! He’s good company and a lot of fun!” 

Parker is listed as being seven years old which makes him eligible for the senior adoption rate, though we would expect him to have many good years ahead of him yet. 

If you are looking for an easygoing companion, Parker could be the one for you. 

Call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 to make an appointment to meet Parker. 

Like all the adoptable pets, he is altered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.


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