Dogtown: One of these dogs may be your Loki Clover

DogtownSummer is here and your hiking, fishing, swimming or lounging buddies are waiting for you at the shelter! We have 22 dogs looking for their forever homes and more waiting in the wings to see whether their people will show up or whether they will move on to a chance at a new life.

We have been seeing more puppies coming in lately. The most recent litter is made up of six Queensland Heeler pups who will be available when they are old enough and when they are spayed and neutered.

While puppies are always very cute, many adopters find that there are some advantages to adopting a dog that is past the puppy stage. Most older dogs are house-trained and are familiar with a few commands. There is less mystery about what personality type you are getting as well. And the older dogs are very appreciative of the opportunity to get out of the kennels and into a comfy home. Every day people send me their photos of former shelter dogs enjoying their new lives!



Loki is one of our adoptable dogs at the shelter. He is a 6-year-old mixed breed dog with a dark brindle coat. He has been at the shelter since May 19.

Loki is an easy walker and is friendly with other dogs and people. He is not particularly interested in playing ball, but he likes to sniff around the playpen and loves to be petted.

Loki has a funny habit that a volunteer discovered by accident. When someone tells Loki to sit, he barks! One bark, every time, though he does also sit. He must have had a previous owner with a quirky sense of humor. We’re not sure what he would do if given the direction to speak.

Loki would make a good companion for anyone who likes to get outside for some exercise but also enjoys a little down time for relaxing. He could live with other animals or be the only one in the household.



Clover is a beautiful 2-year-old shepherd mix female. She is popular with the volunteers for her gentle nature. Clover loves to play fetch. This sweet girl retrieves, drops the ball at your feet and eagerly waits to have it thrown again.

Clover is an easy walker. She has had some good times playing with her friend Scarlet in the play yard and has done fine with all of the dogs that she has met. Clover would love to find a nice home where she can show off her talents and be loved for her nice temperament!

Loki and Clover are both available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and are microchipped, altered and current on their vaccinations. The shelter is located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville, near the airport and is open Monday through Friday. More information is available at (707) 840-9132.

Come meet these nice dogs today!

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