Dogtown: Of dogs and water

Week 29. As if things weren’t weird enough, we have also been having record-breaking temperatures lately. It seems appropriate to continue on with more stories of dogs and water. 

If you saw the front page of last week’s Mad River Union, you probably enjoyed Matt Filar’s photos of the doggie dock diving. My dog Baylee was right in the middle, swimming her little heart out. We were able to take dogs on three other days as well. 

A big thank you to Humboldt Dash and Splash for inviting the shelter and rescue dogs to come and participate! Some were more interested in swimming than others (nobody more than Baylee!) but everyone enjoyed getting out for an adventure. 

FYI, there are local dogs that can jump as much as 25 feet out from the dock! It is amazing to watch.

Back at the shelter we have a new water-loving dog. Pretty girl Chai came along too late to get a chance at dock diving but she does love the wading pool! Chai is a four-year-old spayed female. She’s a big girl, weighing in at about 80 pounds, though she could probably afford to lose a few of those. She appears to be kind of a Lab/Pit mix, cream colored with some tan markings.


Chai is very friendly with both dogs and people, greeting everyone with a smile and a wag. Chai has nice manners and knows Sit and Down. She loves to explore the toy options in the play yard. Though she enjoys the toys, she is not in any way obsessed with them and will happily give them up, especially if there is an option to be pet available.

Chai has impressed the volunteers with her easygoing, gentle nature. We think she would make a great family dog and was unfazed by our informal kid test which consists of a little gentle ear- and tail-pulling.


Chai is available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. 

The shelter is open by appointment only. To meet Chai, call (707) 840-9132. Like all of our adoptable pets she is also micro-chipped and current on her vaccinations.

Redwood Pals is still looking for a home for our two-year-old Grover. His water adventures for the past week included a wonderful trip to the beach – maybe his first – and some fun in an improvised wading pool when he had an afternoon in a volunteer’s back yard. 

Grover continues to impress us with his smart and silly personality! 

Contact Redwood Pals at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.


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