Dogtown: Meet Patrick and his esteemed colleague Gloria

Redwood Pals Rescue has two dogs in our care that have been mentioned here before. 

Patrick and Gloria were both shelter dogs. They both had adoptions that didn’t work out for various reasons and are once again looking for their forever homes. 

Sometimes an adoption just doesn’t turn out to be the perfect match that we all dream of. In one case, the adopter had health issues that resulted in no energy left over for the dog. 

In the other, the makeup of the household changed and there was no longer room for a dog. When this happens after the shelter’s trial period has expired, it can fall to Redwood Pals to foster and rehome our old friends. 

This can be a blessing in disguise as it also gives us a chance to really get to know the dog in a home context and continue their training while they wait for the right placement. These two have come so far from the dogs that they used to be! Good manners and happy personalities are their trademarks now.


Patrick is in a temporary foster and available for adoption or to someone who might be interested to “foster-to-adopt.” Patrick is a 2 ½ year-old, small pit-mix with a silly, affectionate personality and a soft, fawn-colored coat. He is very well-behaved in the house and can entertain himself for hours gnawing on a bone or lounging in his spot.


He is responsive to his person, easy on-leash and in the car, friendly meeting people, and is playful with other dogs. He is a great little dog! Patrick is sharing his foster apartment with Gloria. 

He has learned to share and be a good friend with her. He listens well and knows quite a few obedience skills and some entertaining tricks as well. Patrick has had some guidance from our trainer which we would pass along to his new family to help him be the best buddy possible! Patrick is available for adoption or for foster to someone who might be interested in “foster-to-adopt.”

Gloria is about 6 years old and was in the shelter for almost a year. She is a different dog out of the shelter! Relaxed and easy-going, Gloria is dog-friendly, if a little unskilled in her interactions, and just wanting to share her affection with people of her own. 

Gloria can be content lounging in the sun or wandering around the yard, but she really enjoys being part of the goings on in the house. She enjoys playing and exploring with other dogs and has good recall. She has been great off-leash but could still use work on her leash skills. Gloria is doing great in her foster home with one of our big-hearted volunteers, but our goal is always to find our dogs a home of their own. Patrick and Gloria are very good friends and could be adopted as a pair, though they will do just fine on their own as well. 

Patrick and Gloria are altered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. They are both available through Redwood Pals Rescue. Please contact us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842. We do not have a physical facility but are always happy to meet with potential adopters!



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