Dogtown: meet little Sparky, a real crowd pleaser

Sunny and Sparky.

This would normally be a column about our adventures with the Kinetic Sculpture Race. 

It has been so much fun over the last few years to take a group of adoptable dogs to follow along with our dog sculpture Sparky! 

Sparky the Kinetic Foster Dog had a few surprises planned for this year’s event but I guess they can wait till next year. So instead of a recap of Kinetics, I’ll tell you about an available little dog named Sparky, who just happens to have joined us at the race three years ago. 

Little Sparky was quite a crowd-pleaser when he joined the Kinetic entourage at the river crossing in 2017. That was the year we featured black dogs out on the course with the sculpture. 

Sparky was great with the other dogs then and he still has that nice quality. He is now nine years old but still has a spring in his step and should have many good years ahead of him. Sparky is listed as a Pit Bull Terrier and Dachshund mix! 

It’s possible, though of course we never really know. He could also be Lab on the big side or Corgi on the small side. 

He’s a medium sized dog with short legs and a constantly wagging tail. Sparky is just a very good-natured dog. 

He has been having fun with our other perpetually cheerful dog Sunny, romping and lounging in the play yard.  

Sparky (and Sunny also) has been good with people of all ages. He is not a good candidate for a home with cats but would be fine with another dog. Sparky was adopted soon after his Kinetic adventure but was recently rehomed. He wanted to chase the cats at the new home and so ended up back at the shelter. 

We’re hoping that his next home will appreciate this fun little guy and be his forever home. Sparky is neutered, microchipped, and current on all of his vaccinations. Sparky is good on the leash, rides well in the car, is housebroken, and has been fine using a crate. 

To meet Sparky, Sunny or any of the other available dogs, call the shelter staff at (707) 840-9132. The shelter is still open by appointment only but appointments are available any weekday.

Shelter and rescue folks really want to see all of these recent adoptions stick. 

Last week I offered a few ideas about preparing your dog for your potential return to work or school. My suggestion for this week is to consider joining a pack walk with your dog. 

Pack walks can conform to social distancing while still exposing your dog to the idea of being comfortable around other dogs. 

This is a great activity for any dog, but especially for the many puppies that have been adopted during shelter in place! 

Pack walks are a good opportunity to work on leash skills and for learning to ignore various distractions. Our Saturday morning walk usually has between five and 10 dogs and passes cows, goats, other dogs, bicyclists and the occasional jogger. 

Ask a friend or two to join you somewhere with room to spread out or email us at [email protected] if you’d like help getting a pack walk group together. You’ll be amazed at how helpful this activity can be for both you and your dog!



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