Dogtown: Meet Jerry & Squash, two joyful fuzzy fellows

The combined forces of shelter staff, volunteers, Redwood Pals and a supportive community resulted in a successful “Clear the Shelter” promotion over the last two weeks! 

The shelter manager wanted to be in a position to assist the Weaverville shelter if fires caused them to have to evacuate. With the Humboldt shelter already filled beyond capacity, there wasn’t going to be much to offer. Thankfully the shelter in Weaverville has not needed to evacuate, but for the first time in months there are some empty kennels at the shelter. 

We have also seen some great adoptions, including several of our long-timers! We have all learned not to take any of this for granted, but it is nice to have some breathing room for a little while. 

There are still 18 dogs available for adoption and they run quite a gamut of breeds and personalities. Stop in and see if one is right for you!


One little guy that came in to the shelter is Jerry. Jerry has found the whole experience of being lost, caught and put in a strange place to be pretty overwhelming. He is a little Chihuahua cross (maybe Dachshund) with a deer-in-the-headlights look to him. We started taking him for walks and found that he is house-broken and friendly with other dogs. 

He wasn’t sure what he thought about us at first, but has quickly warmed up. Despite his shyness, he will crawl right into our laps if we sit down with him. This dog could use a real home to get comfy in. He would do fine with other dogs. He is housed in one of the kitty rooms and doesn’t pay any attention to the cats so would probably be OK with cats also. I would not recommend a home with small children at this time as he is still timid around noises and new things. Jerry is available for foster or adoption through Redwood Pals Rescue. Please contact us at [email protected] or (707) 839-9692.


Redwood Pals is also looking for a home for Bubba, also known as Squash. This unique dog was originally adopted from the shelter, then given up (tearfully) because of allergies in the adopted family. On his way to a foster he was snapped up again (because he is that charming!) by a friend of the foster-to-be. That person’s life situation changed and he came back to us again. Bubba has been staying with folks in the veterinary world and is in the best shape of his life. This easy-going dog is perfectly happy where he is but the fosters would like him to have the joy of a forever home of his own. This is how his foster describes him: “Squash is a very gentle and quiet boy who only wants to be loved and chase the water hose. He is a bit shy but becomes comfortable very quickly. He is VERY good with cats and absolutely loves to romp and play with other dogs. He’s also extremely gentle with kids of all ages. Squash is very good off leash and adores walking adventures. Most of his time is spent lounging in the sun or on his beloved bed. He would do well in a house full of dogs and cats or as the only companion in the house.” 

If you would like to meet this sweet dog, please contact us at the email or phone number listed above.




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