Dogtown: Marvin remade by patience and love

Week 44. Seems like this could be a good time for a happy story. 

Last October, a citizen contacted Animal Control about a tan and white dog cowering against a fence in the Safeway parking lot in Eureka. The poor guy was terrified, mostly hairless and had a big bruise on his side. He was transported to the shelter where it was determined that he did not have any emergent injuries and he was set up with a warm bed and a good meal. 

Marvin, as we came to call him, did not instantly decide that everything would be fine and stayed huddled in the corner for quite some time. The shelter staff asked Redwood Pals to see if we could make any progress with him. 


Marvin as he was found.


For days, we tossed treats and went in to the kennel to try and gain his trust. He never gave us any indication that he was aggressive, just very frightened. 

After some time we were able to get a slip lead around his neck and brave the outside world. 

That was definitely the turning point for Marvin! Though the world was still a scary place for him, he began to trust us and come out for daily walks. He discovered some new dog friends and became quite attached to his RPR buddies.

Marvin now.

He was still scared of some of the shelter staff and we realized he was probably going to stay a Redwood Pals Rescue dog. 

We took Marvin to the vet to try and find out why his hair hadn’t grown back. And all along we kept walking him and introducing him to more dogs and people. 

Just last week, Marvin met a mother and her seven-year-old son who had contacted us about fostering a dog. Marvin and Carson (the boy) hit it off immediately and had fun running around the play yard and climbing on the various structures. 

Marvin took a field trip to meet their dog and the house cats. All went well and this past Friday we packed up his coat and blankets, along with his food, a crate and some toys, and sent him off to his new home. 

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As he leaned out of the car to say goodbye, I could see that finally, after four months, he has a nice soft coat of fur all over! But the best part was when he arrived at his foster home (we hope they’ll be a foster fail), this sign was on the door!

If you’d like to be part of the solution for dogs like Marvin, please email Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842. 

We juggle a lot of requests for help every day, ranging from requests for help with spay and neuter or dog food to pleas for help rehoming dogs due to lost jobs, family illness or domestic violence situations. 

Recently we have fostered several mama dogs who needed to be spayed after having the pups that we also took in for adoption. Those mama dogs went back to their owners and never have to worry about puppies again! 

It can be very helpful for us to have some possible foster homes on file as we can’t always predict when the need will arise. 

Currently we have a large mama hound dog with 10 puppies at the shelter, a three year old female dog who is great with children (owner leaving a domestic violence situation) and several adoptable dogs from the shelter who would just appreciate a change of scene while they await their forever homes.  

Thank you for considering these doggies!



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