Dogtown: Marty and Smokey are gentlemen of the first order

Week 18 of shelter in place. Volunteers have been returning to the shelter over the past week. 

The dogs are happy for more walks and new faces, though we have learned that masks with dog faces on them are confusing to our canine friends! Fortunately we can let them see our real faces out on our walks away from others. 

Amid the various pandemic adjustments, adoptions continue at a good pace. Potential adopters can always go to to see the most currently available dogs and cats.

Two new dogs that have just come up for adoption are Marty and Smokey.

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Marty is a 3-year-old male. He is a tall lanky fellow that looks like a possible mix of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. Marty came to the shelter very underweight and yet has been reliably gentle while taking treats from us. He has put on a few pounds and is looking quite dashing now. 


He has a beautiful black and cream coat and a happy face. Marty is very housebroken and came with some obedience skills already onboard. He knows Sit and Shake and is attentive to his handler. His leash skills are still a work in progress but this smart boy should have those down soon. 

As we walked by the beach overlook near the shelter, Marty’s nose went on full alert. I would guess he’s spent some time romping on the sand in his past life. Marty is not much interested in balls or toys but loves pets and attention. If you’re looking for a nice hiking companion, come check out Marty!

Sweet little Smokey charmed us from the start with his big smile! This one-year-old Staffordshire is a sturdy little guy. Dogtown

He has a lovely silver grey coat with a white blaze on his chest. Smokey loves his friends, both human and canine. He has been good with every dog that we have walked with him, from smaller females to big males. 

He loves to get out for a walk but is not particularly high energy and is happy to have lounge time as well. All of our coastal dogs have been looking for shade on these summer days! 

Smokey knows Sit and is nicely food-motivated. He loves to get pets and will grunt happily when the right spot on his neck is scratched. Like Marty, Smokey is not much of a toy or ball dog, preferring to use his play yard time to sniff around and pick up the news. This one will make a good cuddly companion!

Marty and Smokey are both available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. The shelter is still open by appointment only, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. To set up an appointment to meet them, call (707) 840-9132.


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