Dogtown: Lola has blossomed, and Prima has puppies

This past week was the time for grant applications and reports for funding through the Humboldt Area Foundation. The process involves a lot of writing and reviewing but it is a great opportunity to take stock of the accomplishments of the year for our Redwood Pals Rescue. 

We have vaccinated over 100 dogs and puppies, spayed and neutered many dogs including our shelter rescues and dogs belonging to low-income and homeless owners, transported many dogs and puppies to rescues out of the area that have more adoption opportunities for them, provided training for adopters and volunteers and brought all kinds of fun new enrichment activities to dogs at the shelter! 

And those are just the things that are supported by local grant funding. We are very grateful for these funds and the people who contribute to them. 

One of the dogs that we are currently working with is the lovely Lola. Lola is a small mixed-breed female who we estimate to be about 2 years old. 

She was very shy when she first came to the shelter, as so many dogs seem to be, but has blossomed under the attention of some of her volunteer friends. 

Lola is an attentive student for her training on leash work and obedience skills and is learning new things every day. 

She loves to play with other dogs and is quite affectionate with humans. Lola has a slight neurological condition which affects her gait a bit but does not seem to bother her at all. 

We have not seen any change in the condition since she has been at the shelter, so we do not believe that there is any concern for it worsening. Lola is a nice compact size, probably around 35 pounds, and is well housebroken. We think Lola would make an excellent addition to a family and would reward her adopter with a lot of devotion. Contact us today to meet Lola!


Another Redwood Pals function has been to take in dogs that come to the shelter already pregnant. It has been a busy month for that!

 Two dogs had there pups at the shelter last week and we are just making arrangements for them. Another dog, Prima, went home with one of our volunteers about three weeks ago and had her two cute little boy puppies at the foster home. 

We will be holding onto Prima and her pups and looking for homes for them when the boys are old enough. They started out as tiny newborns but have grown at an amazing rate! 

Prima and pups.

We are not sure whether that is because they are just two pups with all the mother’s milk that sometimes feeds many more, or if their father was a large dog. 

Sweet Mama Prima is only about 40 pounds so we are waiting to see. Prima is a lovely dog who has been good with other dogs and people.

 If you are interested in meeting this little family for possible adoptions, please let us know. The puppies are about three weeks old now and will be available for adoption when they are at least eight weeks old.

To meet any of these dogs, please contact Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or leave a clear voicemail at (707) 633-8842.

Mark your calendars for a fun event coming up on Saturday, Nov. 23. Dog Night! at the Savage Henry Comedy Club in Eureka will have local dogs take the stage with their comedians in tow! 

We are expecting a fun night of comedy, dogs, drinks, fun and prizes with a bountiful raffle to benefit Redwood Pals Rescue.



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