Dogtown: Let Sweet Pea or Phoenix brighten your life

We are lucky in Humboldt County to have an animal shelter that is as nice as the one that is here. The facility is kept very clean, the floors are heated and the animals are fed good quality food.

Staff members are caring, even when often overworked. A dedicated crew of volunteers does their best to get every dog out for walks and playtime every day and all the cats petted and entertained. The shelter works with cooperatively with Redwood Pals Rescue and local cat rescue groups.

Of course all of us, staff and volunteers would like to see fewer animals coming in, but that is a hard problem to solve.

Even a shelter as nice as this one can be overwhelming for some of the animals, depending on what they experienced before coming in. Here are two sweet dogs that would really benefit from a quiet place to live.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is an older dog that came to the shelter after suffering an injury to her back leg. After her injury healed she became available for adoption. One of our volunteers describes her this way. “Sweet Pea is a gentle soul who is a bit on the shy side. She is slender and slight, and has a sweet disposition. She’s not at all fond of loud noises or commotion, but enjoys being touched once she learns to trust you. She’s quite housebroken, and no problem on the leash as long as she doesn’t feel threatened by noise or the unknown. She would make a great companion for a quieter household!”

Sweet Pea is a border collie mix, and at 8 years old is considered a senior dog for the purposes of adopting, though she is not all that old. She was briefly adopted but the adopters brought her back after a day or two when she wouldn’t eat. It is actually not that unusual for an older dog to sleep for several days or not eat when changing environments. Patience and gentle support will help them to transition to their new home, and the appreciation that an old dog will show is well worth the wait. Sweet Pea gets along with other dogs, though probably isn’t interested in a lot of dog play. Come meet this pretty girl at the shelter and see if she is a fit for your home.


Phoenix is also a slender border collie mix. He is about 6 years old and has seen some neglect in recent times. He came in skinny and short on hair on his hindquarters. This photo features his good side! He is a little stressed in the shelter and his foot pads are showing wear from the kennel floors. This guy really needs a place where he can recuperate and return to his best self. Phoenix is a nice dog to walk and seems to enjoy the company of other dogs. He is affectionate and would benefit from a home where he could get plenty of companionship. This will be both a beautiful dog and a great companion once he grows in his coat and feels comfortable again. Phoenix passed his temperament tests and could be adopted from the shelter or fostered through Redwood Pals Rescue for the duration of his recovery.

Sweet Pea and Phoenix both came in to the shelter already altered, a sign that they were once cared for. Please come see them at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville, near the airport. More information about the shelter is available at (707) 840-9132. For information about fostering Phoenix, please contact Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected]m or call (707) 839-9692.



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