Dogtown: Let Iggy and Bubbles wag your way

I have a soft spot for black dogs. Maybe it is because they do seem to be slower to be looked at and adopted or maybe it’s because they remind me of my own dogs.


Every once in a while, we get one in that looks just like Hank, which always brings up thoughts about his shelter days. 

Hank was in the shelter when he was about a year-and-a-half-old. His mix was guesstimated at Lab and Border Collie. 

Hank was in the adoptable section of the shelter, where he was adopted and then returned three times over a period of two weeks. 

His first two adopters each kept him for a night or two before bringing him back for being too energetic, too mouthy and just too much dog. The third one discovered she had a serious illness soon after adopting him and was not able to keep a dog at that time. 

Poor Hank didn’t do well with all that coming and going and soon found himself booted out of the adoptable section. 

Fortunately for Hank (and for me) he was pulled from the shelter by rescuers before his time was up. We saw a blurb about him in the Arcata Eye just about the time that we were in the market for another male dog. 

Our wonderful Dusty, who had seen our children from infants to teenagers, had just passed away at almost 17. 

Hank came into our lives and everything changed. Our friends were heard to say (fairly often) “he sure is lucky that you took him home,” by which they meant they were glad he wasn’t theirs… He stole food, annoyed our old female dog, was crazy around balls and sticks and reminded us constantly that he wasn’t Dusty. But we all stuck it out and pretty soon we found lots to love about him. 

He has taught us a lot over the years and has helped Redwood Pals Rescue in many ways, not the least of which is just demonstrating that you can’t always tell in a day or two days how a dog will mesh with your family. 

We have so many friends and adopters who were also ready to return their dogs in the first week or two but stuck it out and now can’t imagine life without those same canine friends!

This week we have a Hank look-alike in Iggy. Iggy is a six year old Lab mix. His microchip showed that he had been adopted from the shelter as a puppy, but neither the chip registration, nor the info on the person that had adopted him yielded any information about where he belonged. 

Iggy is such a nice dog that we are happy to help him find a real home where he can stay forever this time. Iggy is a friendly dog who has quickly made friends with the volunteers. He doesn’t seem to have had much formal training but he is an easy dog to walk and is eager to please. I would expect him to learn quickly with a little training. Iggy has been friendly with all of the dogs that he has met.  He is about 60 pounds with a short black coat and white highlights. Iggy was neutered and microchipped on his first visit through the shelter several years back, and is now current on his vaccinations as well. 


Come meet Iggy at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville near the airport. The shelter is open Monday through Friday. More information is available at (707) 840-9132.

Another young dog that is at the shelter is Bubbles, a 10-month-old golden Lab mix. Bubbles hasn’t yet learned that all the people walking by his kennel are his friends and so has not made it to the adoptable section. 

Our experience of Bubbles is that he is just a big puppy still and is just learning about the world. He loves other dogs and is very affectionate with the people he has met, though still a little shy with people he doesn’t know as well. 

An adopter who can model confidence for Bubbles will find him to be a great young dog. He would be happy to have another dog to play with and learn from. Bubbles knows a few commands and is a pretty easy walk. 

Redwood Pals would be happy to try and find Bubbles a home. Meanwhile, we will keep working with him to become more confident in hopes of getting him into the adoptable wing.  As we’ve mentioned before, not every dog thrives in the shelter environment and that is where our rescue comes in. 

If you are interested in meeting young Bubbles, please contact us at [email protected] or call (707) 839-9692.


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