Dogtown: Katie has a severe case of the cutes

Bubba and Katie

Each week I debate which dogs to feature. I know that some people think that every dog at the shelter is some sort of Pit Bull mix (they’re not). Do I feature the cute fluffy puppies and the specialty breeds to help correct that image? Or do I feature the dogs that get overlooked at the shelter, Pit Bull or otherwise?

I usually try for something in the middle – enough of the crowd favorites to remind my readers that they are also at the shelter and profiles of some of the longer residents to show what it is about them that we find special. We have had more opportunities lately to take our long-timers out to events and it’s nice to be able to report on their great behavior outside of the shelter!

Katie is our second longest resident at the shelter. She has been there since February. Some dogs show increased stress when they have been at the shelter for a long time and others adapt to the routine and get better and better as the volunteers work with them. Katie is definitely in the latter category!


She came to the shelter with a bad case of missing fur. Her pretty dark brindle fur is mostly back now and she has no ongoing skin problems. Katie went to the adoption event at Coldwell Banker a week ago and conducted herself very nicely.

She and our big Bubba made a lovely couple and received lots of attention from everyone. Katie has become our go-to dog for socializing the other dogs. She has a long list of friends on our dog buddy board and everyone loves the chance to play with her in the yard!

Katie loves to play fetch and can even share her ball if there is another dog around. Not all dogs can do that. Like most of the shelter dogs, she could use continued training for nice leash manners, but she’s not unruly, just happy to get out and get going.

Katie is about 4 years old and has been spayed and microchipped and is current on her vaccinations. She would make a great addition to a home with another dog as she is so nicely social. Come meet Katie today.


Our third longest dog is Porsche and she also got to go to the adoption event recently. Though she would probably be happiest to have the opportunity to be the only dog in the house, she still behaved very nicely at the event with quite a few other dogs around. Porsche is also about 4 years old.

She has had the chance to go home with one of our volunteers for some overnight visits and he says she is just the best! Unfortunately his housing has dog size restrictions and he cannot take her permanently, but this is what he says about her sleepovers: “We went for a long walk on Moonstone Beach. A couple of dogs came around but she only seemed curious about them, not aggressive towards them. She had a great time taking things in as well as enjoying having a little more freedom than she has been used to. She was on a leash the whole time and on her best behavior. Went to my place after that where she quietly went from room to room checking things out. She really seemed to unwind when she jumped up on the bed, lying on her back and stretching. She was always calm and attentive, following me around the house wanting to be close at all times. Our time together was all too short. What a great little dog!  I would adopt her if not for the size restrictions where I live. I hope she can find permanent happiness with some lucky human.”

If you think Porsche might be a fit for you, please come to the shelter and meet her! She is also spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is also not that big; just bigger than the 25 pound limit at our volunteer’s residence.

The shelter is at 980 Lycoming Ave in McKinleyville and more information is available at (707) 840-9132. Redwood Pals Rescue is always happy to help with introductions of the shelter dogs also. Contact us at [email protected].