Dogtown: Join survivors Teddy and Riley on their life journeys

Week 56. Today we have two tales (tails?) of medical foster dogs. These are dogs that come to the shelter with a serious injury or medical condition in need of treatment. 

We seek medical fosters for these dogs so that they can get the proper care, rest or physical therapy that is required while staying in a quieter home environment. 

Sometimes our fosters fall in love with the dogs and adopt them when the treatment is finished (“foster fail,” we call that). Other times the dogs get adopted thanks to photos and info that the foster family has shared. 

Teddy is at the end of that journey and is ready for his forever home. Riley is looking for a foster now so that he can go through the treatment for heartworm.

Teddy is a four-year-old mixed breed male. We can tell there is some hound in there by the way he uses his nose, especially to find food, and those cute long ears! Beyond that it’s hard to tell. Teddy is about 55 pounds and is more of a medium than a large. 

Teddy had an FHO last September. That’s a femoral head ostectomy, a surgical operation to remove the head and neck from the femur, required in this case because Teddy had an old injury that left him without the top of his femur. He was lucky enough to spend his recuperation (and then some) with an HSU professor working from home. 

With the advent of school reopening in the not too distant future, it’s time for Teddy to find his forever home. His foster has really put in the time to get Teddy ready for anything!


Teddy has a good recall and also knows Sit, Stay, Down and Seek (look for treats). He is not much of a ball dog and can’t be bothered with fetch, but he gets along great with everyone he meets – young, old or in-between. 

Teddy can be a little intimidated by large male dogs but is fine with dogs in general. He has seen cats and not cared about them but has not lived with one. Teddy’s a good walking companion. 

His foster says if it’s really been a long walk, Teddy might favor his leg a bit in the evening but is good to go again the next day. 

His foster hopes Teddy can find a home with kids or dogs to play with, but he could also make a great companion for an adult with some time on their hands. 

Teddy is a catch! Call us now before he is adopted.

Riley is a nine-month-old male German Shepherd dog. He tested positive for heartworm after arriving at the shelter. 

(Reminder – get your dogs on heartworm preventative if you spend any time inland or in SoHum! The prevention is so much cheaper and less invasive than the cure.) 

Riley has a special charm that is immediately apparent. Though just a teenager, he shows great focus and attention to his handler. He is friendly and playful and loves to be pet.


Riley needs a medical foster for about two to three months while he undergoes treatment. He needs to stay very quiet for at least the first month in order to keep the dying parasites from creating a blood clot. 

We would provide a crate as well as toys and blankets for some quiet time. Some fosters provide the dog’s food but that is not a requirement. All medical expenses are covered by the shelter. (This is where your donations to the Emergency Medical Fund go.) 

The foster just needs to care for Riley as if he was their own, but without the expense or long-term commitment. Our fosters do get the first opportunity to adopt if they so choose!

Redwood Pals Rescue coordinates the medical fosters, so for more information about either of these boys please contact us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.


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