Dogtown: Jethro, an aroma aficionado; Bugsy, who takes no guff from big dogs

It seems there is a something happening every weekend at this time of year! This Saturday will be “Bark in the Park,” an annual event put on by the Humboldt Bay Firefighters at Sequoia Park in Eureka. 

This 5K walk/run is dog-friendly and starts at 10 am. This year the proceeds go to the Humboldt Dog Obedience Group (HUMDOG), who provide training classes and spay and neuter assistance. 

All participating dogs must be leashed and current on their vaccinations. Come on out and enjoy a stroll or a run in Sequoia Park. Live music, local vendors, and raffle follow. 

Redwood Pals and the shelter volunteers usually bring some adoptable dogs along for the fun as well. 

Look for them in their red “Adopt Me” vests!


One nice big fellow that we might bring along is Jethro. 

Jethro is a mixed breed male dog guesstimated to be about two years old. He came with us to the recent Coldwell Banker event and was very nicely behaved. 

Jethro is friendly with new people and other dogs and has some obedience skills on board already. 

He knows sit, down and shake and would be happy to learn more, as he clearly enjoys demonstrating what he has already mastered. 

Jethro came to the shelter with a bit of a limp, which turned out to be an old injury that probably didn’t receive veterinary care. 

The shelter has had him examined by their vet who said that he does not need any treatment for it now. It gives him a bit of an asymmetrical gait but doesn’t seem to cause him any pain. 

Jethro is an easygoing guy that enjoys exploring the play yard – so many interesting smells! – and just hanging out with the volunteers. 

His fondness for sniffing makes us wonder if there could be a little hound in his background. His face and coloring imply some cattle dog also. 

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Jethro is available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. Come by and meet this fine dog! More info at (707) 840-9132.


Bugsy is a little male Chihuahua mix, probably between one and two years old. Hea has a very cute black and white spotted coat and a big personality! 

Bugsy probably won’t be at Bark in the Park as he seems to have a bit of a Napoleon complex around the big dogs. 

He is wonderful with people and small dogs and even seems to be good around cats as well, but for some reason he wants to let the big dogs know how tough he is. 

Fortunately, most of the ones we walk him with don’t pay much attention to that! But Bugsy is quite charming when his world does not include big dogs. 

He is playful and friendly with other dogs his size and has plenty of stamina for long walks and exploring. He can be a little shy with new people at first but once he knows you’re his friend, he is very loyal. 

Bugsy is looking for a foster home or an adoptive home as the shelter has been consistently quite packed lately and he would benefit from an environment where he was more comfortable. 

For more information about Bugsy, please contact Redwood Pals at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.





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