Dogtown: Jax, an adventurer, and Otis, a distinguished gentleman

How are your pets doing with all this warm weather? I know my dogs sure enjoyed the opportunity to go for a swim in the Mad River the other evening. Well, some swam; others just dipped their toes, but they were all pleasantly surprised that the humans decided on an early evening outing! 

The shelter has a wading pool that has been getting a lot of use lately. No one loves it more than Jax! Jax is happy to splash around or just lie in the pool and relax.


He’s been featured here before but if you’re looking for a companion for the river, beach or hiking, Jax is your guy. He also loves a good game of fetch. Jax is just about 2 years old and has learned so much in his time at the shelter.

Several volunteers have given him extra time and attention to hone his obedience skills and keep him exercised and entertained. Jax is one of those dogs that we think will really bloom in a home. He has so much love to give and is so devoted to the volunteers that exercise him! 

If you’re looking for a buddy for your activities, come meet Jax. He is ready to move on from the shelter and show off what a great dog he can be!

Otis is an older fellow who enjoys just feeling the sun on his face on these nice days. He was adopted from the shelter as a 1-year-old dog and now is back as a 10-year-old dog. 


We just can’t begin to understand how someone could ditch their companion after having them for that long. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Otis’s behavior. 

This distinguished gentleman is housebroken, walks nicely on the leash, takes his treats very gently from your hand, and has nice manners. Otis is friendly and loves attention, but is not the clingy type. 

He is curious and observant. He could stand to lose a pound or two, but is overall in quite good health. Older dogs make wonderful companions. Come meet Otis today!

Jax and Otis are both neutered, microchipped and current on their vaccinations. They are available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. 

More information can be found at or (707) 840-9132.


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