Dogtown: Her smooshed face begs to be loved

We see all kinds of dogs coming through the shelter. Just recently two big Doberman Pinschers came in from an encampment in the hills.

They were an unusual color, which I now know is referred to as “blue” in the Doberman world. They also were fortunate enough to still have their natural (uncropped) ears and tails. 

As the shelter has been pretty full lately, I reached out to Doberman rescue to see if they might be interested in this pair. I received the fastest response I have ever gotten from a rescue plea! 

The challenge came when we had to figure out a way to get them to Southern California. After a week of phone calls and emails, we had a plan for them to stay in Concord until a flight with Pilots and Paws would take them for the last leg. 

The last puzzle piece fit in when one of our friends called to say her business flight had been cancelled and she had to drive to the Bay Area the next day. She showed up in a rented black Cadillac. Our elegant Dobermans drove off in style! By now they should be frolicking with their new friends near Santa Barbara. We wish them a happy future!


Some weeks bring more conversation than others about Pit Bulls and their suitability as pets. 

Without getting into a big discussion here, I will say that the adoptable dogs at the shelter are all temperament tested, without regard to breed, and are only put up for adoption if they are deemed to be safe and friendly. 

Over the years that I have been volunteering, many of the gentlest and most dog- and people- friendly pups have been ones that appear to have a Bully breed background. Bully breeds are well represented among our best playgroup players, the dogs that help us to socialize the newcomers. 

Little Aria, possibly some sort of Bully mix, is one of the most sweet and gentle dogs that you could imagine! Her funny little smooshed face just begs to be loved. 

From the minute she came in, several of us were just waiting for her to get off of her legal hold so that we could get to meet the little one and see if she was as cuddly as she appeared to be.

 We can report that she is all that and more! Aria is great with people and fine with other dogs. She is an easy walk and has little interest in straying from where the people are. 

Ariel knows sit and seems very willing to learn more commands.  She is about two years old and looks like she has had some puppies along the way. We are happy that those days are over for her and now she can relax and just enjoy being a family dog! 

Everyone who meets this little girl has fallen in love with her. She was waiting to go up for adoption until a tummy bug passed, but she is ready now. Come to the Humboldt County Shelter today and meet Aria. The shelter is located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. More information is available at (707) 840-9132.



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