Dogtown: Helping animals heal

DogtownThere are so many pieces that make up the web of dog and cat rescue in Humboldt County. Animal Control officers watch for animals that are running loose or ones that are neglected or abused; local spay and neuter groups trap cat colonies for alter and release; local trainers and veterinarians offer their services at low or no cost to help rehabilitate animals with behavioral or physical problems, and the list goes on and on.

A very important piece that helps out the shelter is the Emergency Medical Fund, administered separately from the shelter finances by the rescue organization Friends for Life. Dogs and cats at the shelter are allotted $250 each for medical expenses, which includes their spay or neuter if they didn’t arrive at the shelter already altered. Treatment for heartworm or orthopedic injuries can quickly top $1,000 or more, and dental work for senior animals can add up quickly also. When you read stories about animals that have had miraculous recoveries after being found broken and abandoned, it was probably this fund that enabled them to get the treatment that they needed.

This year has been particularly heavy on heartworm and orthopedic treatments. We were all so happy that the shelter’s Holiday Open House was so successful for the fund, but the funds raised in December are long gone now. .. Watch for a fun vacation raffle coming up soon to support this fund! If you have a vacation rental (any season) that you might be able to donate for a weekend, or something fun to go with, like a restaurant gift certificate or a spa session, please let me know. The fund does also take direct donations at Friends for Life Animal Rescue, Inc., PO Box 962, Eureka, CA, 95502. Make sure your donation is specified for the Emergency Medical Fund, or EMF.



One of the recent beneficiaries of the Emergency Medical Fund is Sandy, a 3-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier mix. Sandy arrived at the shelter with an old injury to her hip that made walking painful for her. Thanks to the fund, she was able to have a Femoral Head Osteotomy surgery that has left her feeling as good as new!

Sweet Sandy is very friendly to humans and other dogs alike. The long two months that she had to spend keeping her activities restricted have left her with great patience while awaiting her turn for a walk. She sits quietly in her kennel with her pretty golden eyes focused on the volunteers until her turn comes. She is kind of the wide-body model of doggy, what I tend to refer to as sturdy, but she is in good shape now and ready to resume adventuring with her new family.

Sandy is very appreciative of the attention that comes her way. She knows sit and come already and is ready to learn more. Sandy would do better in a home without cats, as she finds them a little too exciting.

Sandy is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and can go home as soon as she is picked by the right people. She is at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. The shelter is open Monday through Friday and more information is available at (707) 840- 9132.

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