Dogtown: Get to know Bear, a no-drama, go-to good guy

Week 27. Since last I last wrote, Animal Control has set up, and then taken back down, a nice safe place for animal evacuees from the fires. There were five adult dogs, three puppies and a kitten that benefitted from the services at the fairgrounds.

Fortunately they were all able to go back home by the middle of last week and for now all of the equipment and volunteers will just remain on standby in case they are needed again.

Back at the shelter the smoke has cleared and we are back to our usual routines. We are looking forward to taking our adventurous boy Grover to explore the joys of dock-diving, a once a year opportunity provided by Humboldt Dash and Splash. 

My dog Baylee thinks that is the most fun thing ever. Jumping off a dock into a swimming pool is not every dog’s idea of a good time, but we have high hopes for Grover! If he likes it, you can be sure I’ll be reporting on him next week.

This week’s featured dog is Bear. At six years old, Bear is one of our more mature canine residents at the shelter. 

He arrived at the shelter a bit shy and reserved. When the staff examined him they discovered that he had been shot with buckshot or BBs. These were removed at the vet when he went in for his neuter appointment.


Not surprisingly Bear was much more comfortable after having his wounds taken care of! 

Bear is a compact fellow weighing in at about 45 pounds. His listing says Border Collie mix but he looks like a variation of that black and white “Humboldt mixed breed” that we see so many of. 

He is described by one of his volunteer friends as “an easygoing gentleman and a no drama sort of guy.” He really enjoys going for walks and loves to check out all the smells he encounters. Another of his buddies says “It is quite fun to watch Bear get lost in the world of scent on our walks!” 

Bear is quickly turning into one of our go-to dogs for helping to socialize newcomers. He is a sweet and gentle fellow who has been friendly with the dogs he has met. Bear knows Sit and Come and is easy to train thanks to his enjoyment of treats, which he takes quite nicely. 

We think he could possibly do well living with a cat as he has responded very appropriately to the cats he has met at the shelter. He was very curious about them but when one reached out to swat him, he politely backed up and showed no interest in retaliating. Good boy!

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Like all of the adoptable animals at the shelter, Bear is neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. He is available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. The shelter is still doing all public interactions by appointment so give a call if you’d like to meet him. The shelter can be reached at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday.

And just to keep you in the loop, Chica’s pups will be six weeks old already this week! They will be available to begin meeting potential adopters soon. 

You can see photos of them on Redwood Pals Rescue’s Facebook page or send us an email at [email protected]. They are mixed breed pups on the smaller side of medium. 

Mama Chica is one of the sweetest little Pit Bulls you could ever hope to meet! More photos next week.


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