Dogtown: Foster homes come to the rescue

Redwood Pals Rescue works hard to help dogs from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter find good homes. There are several avenues towards that end.

We volunteer at the shelter and try to learn as much as we can about each dog so that we can assist potential adopters in discovering which dogs might be a good match for them. We also watch for dogs that need a little help to become more adoptable through the shelter, such as shy dogs who need a little confidence-building to learn to stay towards the front of their kennel where people can see them, or happy dogs that need training in better ways to display their exuberance than jumping all over people upon first meeting.

Sometimes we meet dogs that we really like that are unlikely to succeed in the shelter environment for whatever reason. Those are the ones that we place in foster homes when we can. We are always amazed at the changes we see when sensitive dogs are in a quieter environment or boisterous dogs have more training and activities to engage them. Our foster families are true lifesavers in these situations. Fosters always have the first opportunity to adopt the dogs should they choose to do so, but often they are fostering because they are not able to make the commitment to adopt due to time constraints, school, seasonal employment or already having other pets.

Maxx with his giant stick. Photos courtesy Mara Segal | Dogtown

Our goal is always to find each dog a permanent home. We hate to keep moving dogs around, though they are much better sports about that than you might expect. These two featured today are with fosters that need to get back to other obligations. We would like to find them permanent homes so that they don’t need to be moved yet again.

Maxx has been with Redwood Pals for a while. His fosters love him but work as firefighters and need to be available on short notice as we get into fire season. Maxx is a young adult male mixed bred mutt, possibly lab, cattle dog and/or Pit mix. He is about 55 pounds with a beautiful dark brindle coat. Maxx is a great companion for jogging, hiking or lounging around the house or yard. He has been good with children and new people.

Maxx in the sand.

Maxx gets along well with other dogs and has several regular friends, though he is not currently living with any other pets. He loves to follow his people around and share in their activities! Digging at the beach is a great treat but he does not dig in the garden (good boy!). His foster reports that he knows sit, shake and down and is working on stay. He loves to fetch and swim and will happily bring every stick he can find out of the water! Maxx is house trained and the fosters report that he will bark to alert but is not much of a barker otherwise. He would do best in a home without chickens or other birds as he finds them a little too interesting.

Maxx is neutered, current on vaccinations and can be microchipped at adoption. If you are looking for that perfect companion for all of your summer activities, Maxx is your guy!


Junebug is a young female border collie. This dog was terrified in the shelter! She has sensitive hearing and the noise at the shelter was just too much for her. Outside of the shelter and in a home she is a completely different dog, as you can see in the before and after photos. This is a sweet, affectionate dog who loves giving kisses, cuddling and rolling in the grass.

She is a little shy on meeting new people but warms up quickly. She has met a few other dogs and has been friendly and playful with them. This is a very quiet dog; she wouldn’t make much of a watchdog, but could do well in an environment where quiet is a prerequisite.  She is house trained and does well with a crate, even choosing to relax in the crate at times when she does not need to be in it.

She is new to leashes and obedience training but is proving to be a quick learner. Junebug is a perfect example of a dog that was a total fail at the shelter, but will make a fabulous family dog. She was reported to be reactive to cats at the shelter, but her foster reports that she has paid no attention to a neighbor cat that came in the yard. We would want to check compatibility for any potential adopter with cats.

All of our dogs are altered, current on vaccinations and can be microchipped at adoption. If you would like to meet either of these or learn more about fostering, please contact us at [email protected] or call (707) 839-9692.



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