Dogtown: Finn and several siblings

Week 61. More this week on those shepherd/cattle dog mix puppies that were abandoned in Loleta. It turns out there were eight puppies in the litter. One stayed with a finder and, at this point, six of the others have arrived safely at the shelter. There is still one living out in the brush, though perhaps he or she will have been convinced to come join the others by the time this hits the newsstands. My youngest dog Fern and I went to visit in hopes of enticing the pup out with play – Fern’s a great player! – but only succeeded at a long game of hide and seek. Other methods are also being employed; we wish the rescue team success!

Two of the females from the first arrivals have already been adopted! It was so interesting to see them get more comfortable around the shelter staff and volunteers.


First they were allowed to run in the enclosed courtyard with leashes dragging. Then they began to go for short walks and pretty soon they could walk on a leash with a minimum of drama. The pups have been paired up with more confident dogs for walks and play. Though shy at first with people, they love other dogs! Having some new friends outside of their sibling group has helped them to learn appropriate doggy manners. The older dogs have been quite patient with the youngsters and everyone loves more playtime!

At this point we have Finn, a male, who is the next one ready for adoption. He is a beautiful mix of Red Heeler coloring on a shepherd type body. Finn is doing pretty well with walking on the leash and knows Sit and Come. He is a little timid about vehicles but just lies down quietly when they pass. He (and all the siblings) is quite treat-motivated and ready to learn more new obedience skills. He likes other dogs of all types and would probably be happiest to find a home with another dog. 


Finn is estimated to be about six months old. We think he still has some growing to do so guessing that he will be German Shepherd size at maturity. Finn is still a work in progress but he has a lot going for him. We have seen zero aggression from these pups (except when they are annoying each other in puppy play), they are curious,  they love to be petted and are so happy to see their volunteer friends. I think Finn will grow to be a very loyal and loving companion. Call the shelter today to make an appointment to meet him!

Finn has two sisters and a brother at the shelter also. They arrived later and are not quite ready for adoption yet, though each day brings more interaction and confidence. 

We are considering fosters for these dogs to help speed up their schooling. We would be looking for experienced dog handlers to work with them as they still need to learn to walk on leash. Their ideal foster home would have a human or humans with time and experience to share with a pup, a secure yard, and another playful and patient dog for company and modeling.


Fosters always get the first option to adopt if they so choose, but are under no obligation to keep the dog. The time commitment is just a guess – maybe six weeks? With dedicated schooling, these other pups could be ready for adoption even sooner than that.

For more information about Finn, or his sisters Scout and Chloe, or his brother Feather, please call the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132, email Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or leave a voicemail for Redwood Pals at (707) 633-8842.


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