Dogtown: Fetching Fancy, stocky Scarlett and family man Waldo

Week 32. I hope you are enjoying the last few days of Daylight Savings Time, Clocks go back an hour on Sunday, which is great for getting up in the morning but not so great for those after-work walks…

The shelter has some new kids in the adoptable dog lineup. Here are three youngsters that might catch your attention.


Fancy and Scarlett are sisters that arrived at the shelter together. These two pretty girls are something of a mystery as to their background. They have beautiful shiny dark brindle coats and shepherd-shaped faces.


The girls are just about a year old and have plenty of energy to apply to obedience training or getting out and exploring! Both of the sisters love other dogs and would be quite happy to go to a home with a resident canine to play with. 

Scarlett is a little stockier at 61 pounds, compared to Fancy at 52 pounds, and a little more outgoing at the start, but both are happy for all the attention they can get. 

They like to play with toys in the yard and love to get out for a walk. They are quickly learning their leash manners and are eager to learn more skills. These girls would love a job, especially if that job is learning to be the best companion they can be. Come meet these two today!


Our other new youngster is Waldo. Waldo is an eight-month-old Doberman mix who is racking up new volunteer fans every day! Waldo will be a fairly large dog. He is 63 pounds already and not done growing yet. 

He does know Sit and Down already and is a good student for learning more. Like the girls, he is also quite dog-friendly and loves the chance to romp with a playmate. 

Waldo is still a big puppy and is working on his manners, but he did appear to be respectful to the cats on a brief introduction and that is a big plus! 

Waldo could make a nice family dog. He is certainly worth making a short trip to come meet him.

Scarlett, Fancy and Waldo will all be spayed or neutered by the time of adoption. They are also micro-chipped and current on their vaccinations. 

If you would like to meet them or any of their many friends, call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday to make an appointment. 

For a head start on the adoption process you can find the adoption application at



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