Dogtown: Evie and her puffball pups

Evie's pup pile.

Week 35. The weather is reminding us that it really is mid-November now, despite what was seeming to be an endless summer. At this time of year I always worry a little about our adoptable dogs. Will people still want to adopt when they are thinking about wet fur and muddy paws? 

I hope so, as our dogs would love to settle in with you before winter gets here. What you give up with extra dog laundry will be more than made up by the unconditional love of a dog that has been given a new life through adoption. You can always see the currently available dogs at

This has been the year of the puppy for Redwood Pals Rescue. Since the pandemic started, we have taken on seven (!) litters of puppies. The demand for puppies has been higher than usual, no doubt as a result of people spending more time at home and in need of a good distraction. We now have 10 more little ones that will be available soon, plus their smart and beautiful mother.

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Evie arrived at the shelter very pregnant. Honestly, she looked more like a goat than a dog! She came from the Dinsmore area and we had hoped someone was missing her from the fires, but no one stepped forward for her. We quickly arranged a foster for Evie so that she could have her pups in the comfort of a home. Evie had 10 fat pups and has been a great mother to them. The puppies are almost six weeks old now and Evie is happy to report that they are now eating just solid food, which they do with great enthusiasm!


Mama Evie appears to be a cattle dog mix of some variety. She has the smarts and the instincts of a working dog for sure. There are sheep at her foster’s house and when she accidentally got in with them, she demonstrated her herding skills. Evie approached each sheep, gently put its leg in her mouth and held until the sheep lay down. She did this with each one in the small group and when all were lying down, she happily returned to the foster to show them what she had accomplished. While we don’t advocate letting untrained dogs in with livestock, in this case it ended with no harm done, so all was OK. 

Evie knows quite a few obedience commands and is a quick learner. She appears unfamiliar with the concept of walking on the leash, but we have our trainer helping with that as I am writing this column. With her smarts, she should catch on quickly. Evie loves to be with her people. An ideal placement for her would include a large fenced yard and people who have lots of time to spend with her.

And in addition to her other talents, Evie has also been great with kids of all ages, even babies! She wags all over when she sees children coming and has been very gentle with them.

The essence of cuteness.

Evie’s puppies are the essence of cuteness. There are six females and four males, all black and white with the exception of one brown and white male. Now that they are running and playing, their different personalities are beginning to show. Some are more energetic and others are more laid back. 

We are ready to have potential adopters start meeting them though they will not be ready to leave the litter for about three more weeks. Lots of good social skills are learned during this time and that is why we encourage everyone to wait until puppies are at least eight weeks old before adopting.

If you would like to meet Evie and her pups, please email Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842. We have some cute puppy video on our Redwood Pals Facebook page also.




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