Dogtown: Eureka! We’ve found Nugget


Daylight savings time is behind us now, and like it or not, we are heading for winter. It is time to think about getting all our furry friends adopted into warm and cozy homes!

Several of our dogs have been enjoying weekend visits to the homes of volunteers lately. This gives us so much more information about each dog when we get to see them out of the shelter Each dog has exceeded our expectations! We often hear similar happy stories from our adopters after they have taken a dog home. The shelter can be a stressful place for the dogs, between the barking, minimal exercise and long hours in their kennels. Often the dogs just want to lounge around for their first few days in a new home as they unwind and get oriented.

We would love to see some of our long-timers find a home for the holidays. If you come to the shelter, look for the stories of the dogs’ home visits hanging on their kennels. We’ll have some new home visits to report on next week.

For Redwood Pals, November starts off with grant proposal submissions. As we review the previous year, we are very grateful for the disbursements from the Humboldt Area Foundation’s animal welfare funds! With HAF grants and private donations we have been able to vaccinate over 50 dogs and puppies, spay and neuter over 30 dogs, distribute hundreds of pounds of dog food, purchase Kongs for the shelter and rescue dogs, offer follow-up training for foster and adopted dogs, transfer 25 dogs and puppies to other rescues that have space when our shelter does not, foster a litter of puppies, and many more odds and ends of care for dogs in need. We couldn’t do this without the support from HAF and our much-appreciated private donors. Thank you!

There are lots of fun dogs to choose from right now.

Nugget is attentive and seems like she will be an easy dog to train. She appears to be cat-friendly in her encounters with cats she passes at the shelter.  Nugget is looking for a foster to get her out of the shelter. Though Nugget would pass the shelter’s temperament testing, she cannot go up for adoption there as her previous owner let Nugget and their other dogs wander and cause trouble in the neighborhood, making them a nuisance.

We believe Nugget will make a great family dog and that a fresh start without neighboring bad influences will prove that. She has been friendly with every dog and person that she has met. If you would be interested in meeting Nugget for foster or adoption, please contact us at [email protected] or call (707) 839-9692.



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