Dogtown: Don’t confuse our clean, caring shelter with that troubled one

Week 42. First, a clarification. While we like to think of Humboldt as a wonderfully unique part of the world, it turns out there are Humboldts in a few other places also.  Nevada has a Humboldt County (county seat Winnemucca) and Tennessee has a city of Humboldt. 

In that city of Humboldt, Tenn. there is an animal shelter which is regularly accused of appalling conditions and even animal cruelty. 

Each time there is an abuse at that shelter, we hear about it at our Humboldt County Shelter, usually from people who want to call the shelter or message the Facebook page with expletives and threats. 

You can believe me when I say that our shelter is clean and warm with caring staff and volunteers. Those abuses are not happening here. We certainly share the concern of animal lovers everywhere who are horrified by stories of animal abuse, especially at the hands of people who are supposed to be protecting those same animals. 

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We wish it were as simple as adding “California” to our Facebook name, but the problem is really at the other end of the equation. People are not looking at our Facebook page when they read that Humboldt Animal Control officers are accused of beating a dog to death. 

Again, rest assured that our Animal Control officers and shelter staff have the best interests of the dogs and cats in mind.

Now that I have cleared that up, I’d like to tell you about Wes, one of the canine residents at our nice Humboldt County Animal Shelter. Wes is guesstimated to be a Lab mix of about 7 years old. He and his buddy Cowboy arrived at the shelter after a neighbor let Animal Control know that the dogs seemed to have been left behind when their owners moved. Fortunately both dogs were able to adjust to the new situation and move on.


Wes has been making friends right and left with the volunteers who appreciate how easy he is to walk and what an affectionate guy he is. Wes is a sweet fellow who loves treats – hasn’t met one he doesn’t like yet – and is easy to train. He checks out passing cars as if looking for his old people, but is happy to completely ignore them in favor of a little snack! 

In the play yard he might chase a thrown ball for a minute though he much prefers to thoroughly sniff the area and then come over for neck rubs and pets. 

Wes will make an affectionate and attentive companion for his adopter! Just this week Wes went in for a cat test. The cat he met took a good swat at him and he didn’t react at all. We feel that he could live with a feline roommate. 

Wes is neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. He weighs in at about 80 pounds, though he is not all that big, just solid.  

To meet cuddly Wes, please call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 for an appointment. The shelter’s regular schedule is Monday through Friday, though they will be closed next Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



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