Dogtown: Dogs get special training on cold, wintery days

The holidays are behind us and we’re on to the stormy days of January. Many dogs at the shelter found their new homes as adopters on vacation found time to come visit. 

Volunteers have been working hard to find some new activities for the dogs that are still waiting for that special home. One of our volunteers has done some mini workshops on scent training, where the dogs get a chance to hunt for treats and use their noses in a different way. 

A big plus for this activity is that it can be done inside on the rainy days! Another volunteer has been offering training for specific dogs, such as teaching the big ball dogs how to happily drop the ball at the end of a fetch. 

Another dog, Skip, got special training on how to exit the kennel in a more civilized manner. Volunteers diligently put his new procedures into action and within days Skip was adopted! The dogs and cats are fortunate to be at a shelter where the staff does such a great job of keeping everyone healthy and clean and the volunteers are so dedicated to providing exercise and attention.

The shelter has resumed normal business hours now which means that they are open until 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday and Friday hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Redwood Pals Rescue can occasionally assist with meeting dogs on the weekend by appointment, especially if potential adopters have a specific dog in mind that they would like to meet. Contact us at the email below.


With the adoptable dogs finding homes (and there are still great dogs available through the shelter!), I’m going to shift my focus to some of the other dogs that Redwood Pals Rescue is working with. As mentioned previously (and repeatedly I’m afraid), not every dog is at their best at the shelter. The strangeness of going from a home to a kennel, the other barking dogs, strange people and dogs walking past all the time – these things do not create the best atmosphere for some of the more shy dogs. Here are two that will make such good companions for someone once they are in a quieter environment.

Amilee is a year and a half old female Border Collie mix. She has a smooth and shiny coat of mostly black with a very cute speckled face. Amilee is about 60 pounds, though she could stand to lose a couple of those. She is on the taller side with lovely long legs. We passed her up briefly as she looked a little grumpy in her kennel and there were other dogs to attend to. What a pleasant surprise when I first took her out for a walk! This girl is very gentle with humans and friendly with other dogs. She appears to be friendly with cats as well. Amilee has a little obedience on board and should be an easy training student thanks to her cattle dog heritage. This sweet girl is just looking for a placement where she can settle in and not wonder what new strange occurrence will take place right outside her kennel. Amilee is still at the shelter and fostering would also be an option for her. She is already spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. 


Amber is another dog that we have been working with for a little while. She is about two years old and is believed to be a Kelpie cross. Amber is a nice medium size at about 45 pounds. She failed her temperament test for dog aggression but we have found that in fact she does fine with other dogs with proper introductions. She has a characteristic where her hair stands up upon meeting almost anyone, human or dog, but it is really not an indication of her friendliness.

She has been fine with a variety of other dogs that we have walked her with, friendly with people and very respectful around cats. Amber loves attention and petting and did very well upon meeting a mom and older children in the play yard. She likes her toys and can entertain herself with a toy and a yard, occasionally doing zoomies to the entertainment of anyone watching! This little dog needs a foster or adopter so that she can make her way out of the shelter. Increased confidence and some training, which Redwood Pals will arrange, would let Amber become the excellent companion we think her to be. 

For information about adopting or fostering either of these dogs, please contact us at Redwood Pals Rescue by email at [email protected] or phone at (707) 839-9692. Fostering or adopting a shelter dog saves lives, both by giving that dog a chance and by creating space at the shelter.




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