Dogtown: Compact, can-do Junior and friendly, full-featured Finley


Week 33. We’ve got another little dog available this week. Junior is pretty cute! He looks like a miniature cattle dog, though more likely he is actually a Chihuahua mix. 

Six-year-old Junior would be a great match for someone who needs a smaller dog but wants the get up and go of a full-size model. Junior has the speed and stamina for a brisk walk, perfect for these cool fall days. 

Though a little shy at first with new people, Junior is actually quite self-assured and confident. He is comfortable around the other dogs, big or small, and is not a yapper. 

Junior enjoys exploring his surroundings, will play a little fetch, and likes being petted. He is not a clingy dog and prefers walking on his own feet to being carried. If you’ve been looking for a fun small dog, come meet Junior!

In contrast to Junior’s shorter stature, we have tall, lean Finley, a handsome two-year-old, black-coated mutt mix. Finley came to the shelter missing some fur and short on leash manners. 

In the six weeks that he has been a shelter resident, he has grown out his luxurious coat and made a good start on his obedience skills.


What Finley lacks in previous experience he makes up in enthusiasm. Once he catches on to a new skill he is happy to demonstrate it for all of his volunteer friends. 

Finley has also impressed us with his unconditional dog friendliness. He seems to like them all, big or small, male or female. Scarlett and Fancy from last week’s column are dying to meet him! As soon as everyone is healed up from their recent spays and neuter, we’ll be arranging some play dates with this group. 

Finley’s lineage is anyone’s guess. He is listed as Border Collie and Akita, though he could be German Shepherd or something completely different. Though easily the tallest dog in the Adoptable wing right now, he only weighs in at about 57 pounds. Finley has so much potential and will really shine with a little more training.

Junior and Finley are available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. They are neutered, micro-chipped and current on their vaccinations. If you would like to meet them or any of their many friends, call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday to make an appointment. 

For a head start on the adoption process you can find the adoption application at


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