Dogtown: Come meet these intelligent cattle dogs

The Humboldt County Animal Shelter currently has a couple of beautiful cattle dog girls for your consideration. Cricket and Sydney are waiting to meet you!

Cricket is about 6 months old and has a lovely pettable white and grey speckled coat. She came into the shelter quite shy but has blossomed with handling from the volunteers and the chance to spend time with other dogs. 

Cricket is gentle and sweet and just loves to roll over for a belly rub! She has gotten along with every dog that she has met. Cricket is an easy leash walker and seems very attentive to her handler.


She has a slender build and I would expect her to be under 40 pounds at full growth. She is currently sharing a kennel with her friend Sydney. 

Sydney is guesstimated to be about 7 or 8 months old. She has a slightly stockier build than Cricket and a speckled brown and white coat. She is also wonderfully dog-friendly and is one of our regular picks to help socialize other dogs. 

She appears to have the intelligence of the cattle dogs and is a very quick learner. Volunteers describe her as a joy to walk! She is also quite cuddly and affectionate and would rather stay close to her handler than chase after toys. Sydney will probably be about 45 pounds when fully grown.


These two are great candidates for a family and are at a nice age for training, with puppyhood mostly behind them. They are spayed, microchipped and current on their vaccinations. 

Come meet these two at the shelter, located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville, just west of the airport. The shelter is open Monday through Friday. More information is available at (707) 840 -9132.

Dog Comedy Night

Don’t forget Dog Comedy Night at the Savage Henry Comedy Club in Eureka this Saturday, Nov.  23! Local dogs will take to the stage with their comedians in tow. 

It will be a fun night of comedy, dogs, drinks, fun and prizes with a bountiful raffle to benefit Redwood Pals Rescue. Savage Henry is located at 415 5th St. in Eureka. For more info, call (707) 845-8864.




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