Dogtown: Celebrate the Fourth of July with patriotic pooches Flower and Roxie

The Fourth of July is next week. While many humans find this holiday to be a lot of fun, most animals are not such big fans. Not surprisingly, the Fifth of July is one of the busiest days of the year at animal shelters as owners pick up animals that have been scared by the noise and commotion. 

Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe over the holiday.

There are ways to prepare in advance of the actual day. Make sure that your pets have ID tags with current information. Microchipping is available at your vet or at the Sequoia Humane Society. Talk to your veterinarian if you know that your pet experiences high anxiety from the fireworks. For some animals the best thing to do is sedate them and let them wake up happy the next day. My neighbor just packs up the dogs and goes camping for the night.

When festivities start, keep your pets securely inside. Indoors is the safest place for your dogs and cats when there are fireworks or other loud and scary noises. Even pets that are used to being outside may find ways out of their yards when scared. Ending up at the shelter is just one possible outcome for a fleeing pet; no one wants dogs or cats to get hit by cars or hurt in any way.

We’ll have some additional tips for facing the Fourth of July next week.


Meanwhile, we have some great dogs up at the shelter for you to consider. First up is our big puppy Flower. Flower is about five months old and is listed as a German Shepherd mix, though there are definitely some other influences in there We expect her to grow up to be a big dog, maybe in the 70 pound range. 

Flower is a very gentle puppy. She never uses her mouth on people and does not jump up. Flower prefers cuddles to toys. She loves other dogs and is much more confident when she has company. She does well on a leash and loves the chance to walk with some of the other dogs. Since Flower is a little shy, the ideal adopter will have the patience to go slow and win her confidence, at which point they will have a fabulous, loyal companion.

Another gentle dog at the shelter is our friendly little Roxie. Roxie is about seven years old. She was left behind when her owner died. It appeared that she had too much food and not enough exercise as she was pretty chubby on intake. Under the dedicated care of the staff and volunteers, Roxie has been regaining her endurance and her waistline! Roxie loves other dogs also and has made lots of dog friends at the shelter. She is a very affectionate dog who loves to be petted. 


Roxie would really love to be a lap dog, though she’s a tad bit big for that. She is a very easy walker and seems to be generally laid back about most things. She is one that could fit in to a variety of situations. Roxie is patient and housebroken and just a great companion dog. At seven, Roxie is considered a senior dog and is eligible for reduced adoption fees.

Both Flower and Roxie are spayed, microchipped and current on vaccinations. They are available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter located at 980 Lycoming Ave. More information on available dogs and cats can be found at or by calling (707) 840-9132.                        




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