Dogtown: Brandy, you’re a fine girl. What a good pet you would be

Some of the cats and dogs that arrive at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter are in need of veterinary care due to illness or injury. 

The shelter’s funding covers the initial vaccinations, worming and flea medication for all the incoming animals, plus spays and neuters before the adoptable cats and dogs may leave the shelter. 

Any larger expenses go through the shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund (EMF), which is run by Friends for Life Animal Rescue, a local non-profit. 

The shelter’s Open House in December is the main fundraiser for this fund and it is supplemented by private donations.  

At this point in the year the fund can become quite depleted if there have been orthopedic injuries, heartworm treatments or other emergency veterinary needs. 

The shelter is always appreciative of donations to this fund as it can truly make the difference between life and death for some of the animals. 

Some recent creative donations have come from yard sales and children’s groups. If you or your friends would like to do a fundraiser, let us know and we will publicize it on the shelter’s Facebook page! Lemonade Day is coming up next month; would any kids like to do a booth for the EMF?


One lovely dog that has benefitted from the EMF is our big girl Brandy. Brandy is a 7-year-old Rottweiler mix. Contrary to some public perceptions about this breed, Brandy is a very gentle, even slightly timid, dog. 

She has quite a fan club among the volunteers, thanks to her very easy walking style and sweet personality. One volunteer even took her to their own vet to have her examined. 

The shelter then arranged for her to have a benign tumor removed at the time of her spay and she is now doing great. 

Brandy is a lovely companion and pays little attention to other dogs out walking at the same time. 

Just recently we have found that she does have a fondness for the bigger boy dogs though! After ignoring several of the other dogs at the shelter, she had the chance to meet two of our larger male dogs and we got to see a new side of Brandy!

 She was very friendly with them and even initiated some play with bowing and flirting. I think she would be happy in a home by herself or with another dog. 

At seven, Brandy is considered a senior dog and eligible for reduced adoption fees.

She is not ready to hang up the leash yet and would love a home with someone who would enjoy taking her for walks. This nice big girl has lots of love to give. 

Come meet Brandy at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville, near the airport.

The shelter is open Monday through Friday. The most current listing of available dogs and cats can always be viewed at


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