Dogtown: Bouncy Comet, Rosie on the rebound

One of the dogs at the shelter is our friendly Comet. Comet is about a year old. She is so dog-friendly that the shelter staff use her to check the new dogs for friendliness! Comet likes all kinds of play. She’ll happily fetch a ball, or splash in puddles, or romp with another dog. And she loves attention and petting! 

Comet is a young dog spending a lot of hours in a kennel each day, so she can be wound up and bouncy at the start of a visit, but she settles down once she’s had a chance to stretch her legs. She would make a great hiking companion.

Comet has a dense coat and is completely unfazed by weather. She will happily go for a walk in rain or snow or bright sunshine. She knows some obedience skills already and is eager to please. Her love of treats makes it easy to shape her behavior. Comet is available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.


Rosie is another dog available for adoption through the shelter. Redwood Pals is pretty familiar with Rosie as she first came to us as a pregnant mama-to-be. Her owner wanted her to be in a safe place to have her babies and we found a foster home for her. After the pups were raised and adopted, we got Rosie spayed and returned her to her owner. We were surprised to see her at the shelter (a year later) and  contacted the owner, who said that he would be there soon to get her. As the days went by, it became apparent that he wasn’t coming. 


He finally came to the shelter for her and then confessed that he just couldn’t properly care for her at this point in his life. Fortunately for Rosie, she likes everybody and will take to a new owner just fine.

Rosie is tall and lean and loves to run around in the play yard. She will zoom around the yard for a few passes on her own and then check in for direction. Rosie can entertain herself with a toy, chase balls or play with other dogs. 

Rosie is an enthusiastic player! She likes the boys that are around her same size but has played with all kinds of dogs. She would do best in a home without chickens. Rosie is also available now at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. Rosie is about three years old.

Both of these girls are spayed, microchipped and current on vaccinations. They can be seen at 980 Lycoming Ave. near the airport in McKinleyville. You can always see the available dogs and cats at or inquire at (707) 840-9132.



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