Dogtown: Bomb-proof pups enter Kinetic race

Sparky the Kinetic Foster Dog will be riding in the Kinetic Sculpture Race again this weekend! Sparky will be accompanied by several adoptable dogs at the Arcata Plaza on Saturday. 

These will be what we think of as the bomb-proof dogs, as there usually are several thousand onlookers at the start of the race! Look for the colorfully dressed dogs following the eight-foot-tall black and white dog sculpture and come say hi. Several dogs have found their families right there on the Plaza over the last few years! 

Here are two dogs that haven’t braved the crowds yet, but we have other ways for you to meet them.


Willow is a lovely 2-year-old large-breed female. She is listed as a Great Pyrenees mix but, as is often the case, it’s a little hard to tell. 

What we do know for sure is that Willow is a gentle dog who is ready to show a family a lot of love. 

She was a very timid dog when she first arrived at the shelter but she has come out of her shell since then.  

Willow has met young children and behaved very nicely. She also appears to be fine around cats. 

We have walked her with many of the other dogs at the shelter and while sometimes cautious around them at first, she hasn’t met one that she hasn’t liked. 

She loves the big boy dogs like her pal Teddy Bear, but has been fine with smaller dogs and females also. Willow doesn’t care much about balls or toys but will happily run around the yard if someone runs with her! 

This big girl – about 80 pounds – has beautiful eyes and is always happy to see us when we come to take her out for a walk. She appears to be house-trained and seems like she would be the perfect dog to come home to at the end of a long work day. 

Willow has been at the shelter for quite a while and we would like to get her out, either by finding a foster home or an adopter for her. 

Willow is spayed and current on vaccinations. For more info about Willow, or to arrange an introduction, please contact us at [email protected] or leave a message on our voicemail at (707) 633-8842.


A somewhat smaller black and white dog is Oscar, a 6- year-old Queensland Heeler mix. 

For the first few days after Oscar arrived at the shelter, he was very scared and would run outside when anyone went by. 

One day, some switch must have flipped in little Oscar’s mind and he was very happy to see everyone! 

We rarely know much about a dog’s background, but maybe Oscar had met some scary people in his past. He isn’t the least bit timid now and is very appreciative of the regular food and walks that he receives every day! 

He is always politely waiting at the front of his kennel now. One of his volunteer friends describes him this way: “This very good-natured guy has very unusual facial markings that look a bit ominous until you see his wagging tail! He has very cute round eyes. He is a little bit older, a little bit stocky, but an easy walker who likes treats and knows ‘sit.’ He is quite affectionate and especially loves to have his butt scratched! He is friendly and attentive, and is a no-drama type of guy. He would make an excellent pal!” 

Oscar is available through the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. He is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. 

More information is available at or by calling (707) 840-9132. 

You can also email Redwood Pals at the address above as we work with the shelter dogs also and would be happy to answer your questions about Oscar or any of the other shelter dogs.



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