Dogtown: Biscuit and Will – personable lads with pal potential

Week 31. The days are getting shorter but have been so beautiful lately! We are seeing a slight increase in incoming dogs but demand for adoptable animals is still running high. 

Here are a couple of nice dogs from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter for your fall pleasure.

Will was mentioned here once before when he arrived with his three siblings. He is a 6-month-old Lab, possibly mixed with German Shepherd, with medium length black fur and a big smile. 

The siblings came to the shelter a little on the shy side but in the time he has been with us Will has come out of his shell. 

One of his volunteer friends had this to say about him “Will is such a happy, full-of-life boy and is very photogenic. He is also full of love and doesn’t hesitate to show it. Will knows how to sit and is working on his down. He prefers treats over tricks.”


Will is curious, good natured and friendly. He loves to meet and play with other dogs and would be thrilled to go home with a new dog pal if that was in the cards for him. 

Will has been a good student and is a great age for continued training and learning. He has learned to wait quietly in his kennel to be leashed up and is learning more skills every day.

Small dogs have been in demand lately and here’s one now! 

Biscuit weighs in at just 11 pounds. This sweet little guy has a cute grey muzzle and a self-assured strut. He’d make a great walking companion for someone who isn’t up to the big dog pace. 

Biscuit is very friendly and interested in meeting everyone and he just loves getting attention from all the volunteers and staff. He is a little bit timid around loud noises and new experiences, but a gentle petting session calms him right down. He loves having his ears rubbed! He is very friendly and personable. 


He can be a bit of a talker but not a constant barker; he just likes to chat! He loves treats and will take them very gently from your hand. In the playpen he likes to stay near for cuddles and doesn’t seem particularly interested in toys. Are you looking for a fit, friendly companion? If so, come and meet this little guy!

Will and Biscuit are both neutered, micro-chipped and current on their vaccinations. 

If you would like to meet them or any of their many friends, call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday to make an appointment. 

For a head start on the adoption process you can find the adoption application at


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