Dogtown: Baby Boy and Feather are just the pooches to usher in the Dog Days

Here we are in the Dog Days of Summer. The Farmers’ Almanac says the term “Dog Days” traditionally refers to a period of particularly hot and humid weather occurring during the summer months of July and August in the Northern Hemisphere. 

In ancient Greece and Rome, the Dog Days were believed to be a time of drought, bad luck, and unrest, when dogs and men alike would be driven mad by the extreme heat. We definitely have drought and hot weather and the terrible fire season creates plenty of bad luck and unrest. But you can certainly change the luck of a shelter dog and improve your mood at the same time by adopting or fostering one of these cuties now!

Baby Boy is a happy guy, a one-year-old male with some striking good looks. His beautiful charcoal coat, upright ears and golden eyes cause people to turn and take a second look when he goes by. He is a social fellow and really enjoyed getting to be the demonstration dog for our first volunteer orientation since the pandemic began. He went up to each new volunteer and enjoyed the attention and pets that came his way!

Baby Boy

Baby Boy is fun in the play yard, enjoying picking up toys and romping around. He loves other dogs and may even be a possibility for a home with cats. 

Baby Boy is a smart dog. He came to us with an unfortunate habit of playing tug of war with his leash which had clearly been encouraged by a previous owner. He has responded very well to “unlearning” that habit and demonstrating that he can walk well on the leash instead. He listens well, has a great sit and is nicely treat-motivated. 

Our shelter training emphasizes no reward for naughty behavior and he has been a quick learner, as he would much rather come out for a walk than wait in the kennel. Smart boy! Observing how quickly a dog can learn to substitute in the correct behavior is a great indicator of how easily they will learn other tasks. Baby Boy will provide his adopter with laughter at his goofiness as well as obedience on his walks! Baby Boy weighs in at about 60 pounds.


Feather is yet another of our Cock Robin Island pups. This group is just about nine or 10 months old now and four of the seven have been adopted. Feather spent the last two months with a splint and is just regaining his strength in that leg. He is sweet and gentle and would love a doggy friend to help him gain confidence. 

He recently spent an afternoon off campus with a volunteer and had a great time with her and her playful dog! The volunteer reported that he was respectful of her dog, playful in the yard and generally a good guest. He likes to splash in the water bowl and might like the wading pool as well! 

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Feather is a handsome mix of cattle dog coloring and German Shepherd body. He is about 60 pounds. We would love to find a foster for Feather so that he can continue healing his leg. He would benefit from more short walks during the day than he usually gets at the shelter. 

Fosters always get the first opportunity to adopt and Feather will steal your heart once you get to know him! Medical care is provided by the shelter and is not the responsibility of the foster (other than transporting him to any needed appointments). Feather could possibly be placed in a home with a cat.

If you would like more information about adopting or fostering these dogs, please contact the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132 or email Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected].


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