Dogtown: Avery dog will Rocky & Rolly your world

The shelter population is still running very high, over 50 dogs as of this writing. One of the reasons the numbers are staying so high is that there have been quite a few dogs recently that either need medical care or have some medical special needs. Each case is evaluated and veterinary care needs to be arranged.

The Emergency Medical Fund, run by Friends for Life Animal Rescue, helps to cover these extra expenses. Donations to this fund are always appreciated so that a cat or dogDogtown with an injury or illness gets the same chance as all the other animals. Donations to this fund can be sent to FFL/EMF at P.O. Box 962, Eureka, CA, 95502.

Three of these dogs are in need of foster homes, either for the duration of their recovery or until they can find a home that is appropriate for their needs.



First up is the beautiful Avery, a 2-and-a-half-year-old female dog who is guesstimated to be a Border Collie and Great Pyrenees mix. Avery has heartworm, a parasite that lives in the bloodstream. The treatment for this requires that the dog be kept very quiet for approximately six weeks, while the parasites are killed off. Avery is a fully adoptable dog and passed her temperament test with flying colors, but needs a foster home for the duration of her treatment.  At the conclusion of her treatment, six to eight weeks, she would be available for adoption through the shelter.

Rocky and Rolly have physical disabilities that put them outside of the regular adoption process.

Rocky is a young male Pit Bull Terrier mix that appears to be completely blind. On his own, he finds the world a pretty scary place, but with a doggie friend, he comes to life and is much bolder! He seems to use his hearing as his primary sense for orienting himself.

He likes to play with his friend Rolly, and once they have had their fill of running around the yard, they like to play more quietly and snuggle up together. Rocky is grey with big stand-up ears and some amazing webbed feet! Rocky was recently on the KIEM pet segment for the shelter, advertising the Emergency Medical Fund.

Rally and Rocky.

Rolly and Rocky.

Rolly is a German Shepherd Dog mix, right around a year or so. Rolly appears to have some neurological damage, though it doesn’t seem to bother him. He looks elegant when he trots around the play yard, kind of like a horse, but his legs do not operate in a normal way. He is able to run and play, but does sometimes trip if he is trying to turn too quickly. He bends down on one ankle (also sort of horse-like) to drink or pick up a ball. He likes to play ball and loves to be petted.

Rolly was shy when he first came in to the shelter, but Redwood Pals workers have found him to be quite friendly now. He is looking for a foster or adoptive home where he can be loved for the sweet guy he is. He would probably do well with another dog as long as they did not play too aggressively. He loves to play with Rocky, and knows to come back to where Rocky can find him so they can wrestle!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting these dogs (or any others!), please contact Redwood Pals Rescue at [email protected] or (707) 839-9692.

A quick follow-up to last week: Diego and Boosie are still waiting for their forever homes, but they both took a trip to dog school where their behavior was pronounced “very good!” And for those of you following along, Lightning, from the week before, has found a lovely country home where she and her new dog and human family are all very happy!


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