Dogtown: Animal shelter nearly empty

Week seven of shelter in place: the shelter has only three adoptable dogs and five dogs in hold on site! Six other adoptable dogs are out with foster families (but still available).

For comparison, the shelter was averaging around 25 adoptable dogs and a like number of dogs on hold around the start of the year! 

You can always see the currently available dogs and cats (though there are no cats available today) at Pet Harbor has changed its format, but persevere and you will find the info you are searching for!

One of my favorite big boys at the shelter is Carter. Carter has a public relations problem to overcome, being a large Pit Bull Terrier mix, but he could be a great ambassador for the breed. 


His favorite activity is playing with toys of all varieties – balls, squeaky toys, ropes or truck tires. His happiness in the play yard is a joy to behold and he will happily entertain himself running around with a toy.  

Carter is a handsome fellow, muscular and athletic, with a pretty red brindle and white coat. He has lovely amber eyes and a cute speckled nose. 

Carter is quite attentive and very fond of his volunteer friends. He recently met some young children and was gentle around them. He is inquisitive, intelligent, and already knows sit and down. He enjoys snacks, which he takes in a gentle fashion, and is easy to train. He also enjoys a nice peanut butter Kong when he can get it and makes some awfully cute peanut butter faces! 

Carter is about two years old, neutered, current on vaccinations and microchipped. Call the shelter at (707) 840-9132 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4  p.m. to make an appointment to meet him!



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