Dogtown: A Tale of Two Mamas – Chica and Deja

Week 22. We seem to be having a heat wave here so it’s a good day for a tale of two mamas and two wading pools!

First up is Chica, the very pregnant dog from last week’s column. Chica settled into her towel-filled wading pool last Wednesday and tried to find a way to get comfortable, not an easy thing to do when your pregnant belly is almost bigger than the rest of you! 

Thursday afternoon the first tiny pup emerged. Just as we were starting to wonder about the rest of them, the second little one made its appearance and brave mama Chica and her equally brave foster mom Michelle spent the next ten hours  helping the other nine pop out.

Chica and puppers.

By number 11, Chica was exhausted. Fortunately Michelle was there to help get the last one cleaned up and nestled in with the rest. We got to see them the next afternoon and by then everyone was doing just fine. Chica is a model mother, keeping her brood gathered up close and apparently even singing to calm them! Chica’s babies have some growing to do now but they will be adoptable in about two months. We’ll update periodically as they grow. 

These puppies are part of Redwood Pals Rescue; you can reach us at [email protected].

Our other mama dog is Deja. Deja and her pups were brought to the shelter after an Animal Control visit to their former home indicated that they needed a change of venue. 

Deja in the pool.

On top of everything else, Deja and her puppies had ringworm, an infectious fungal infection that has a long course of treatment, even if the infection is a mild one. 

Finally Deja is cleared for adoption! Her three-month-old pups should be available in the next week or so. 

This compact (40 pounds or so) little dog is super smart and a lot of fun. She loves her wading pool and will even pick up toys from under the water. 

Deja is a great fetcher; she fetches and returns the ball and will happily play for as long as the human wishes but is willing to stop when the game is over. She has some prey drive and would probably be best in a home without cats or chickens, but she is also quite the hunter and would be happy to take care of any rodents that you might want dispensed with. 

Deja has good leash manners and is friendly with most dogs, with a preference for the big boys. She would be a great candidate for agility between her smarts, size and willingness to try new things. 

Deja is available through the Humboldt County Shelter, still doing meet and greets by appointment only. You can reach them Monday through Friday at (707) 840-9132 for more information or to arrange an appointment.



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