Dogtown: A plethora of puppies just about ready for adoption

Redwood Pals has puppies! These pups were born to a lovely German Shepherd who arrived at the shelter around the end of April in an advanced stage of pregnancy. 

We were able to place her with an experienced labor and delivery foster who helped her with the pups and took care of the little family for their first two weeks. 

Once the puppies were starting to move around it was time for them (and mom) to go to a home where they could romp and play! 

They are now about seven weeks old and ready to start meeting their future adopters. These are some pretty cute puppies! 

All of them are mostly black with some white feet and tail tips. It looks like dad may have been some sort of Lab mix. 

The puppies have webbed feet and love to paddle in the wading pool. The four little males and four little females are very affectionate and playful. 

No real surprise as the mama dog is one of the sweetest German Shepherds we’ve ever met. 

Sweet mama and her puppy. Mara Segal | Dogtown


She even enjoys playing with the pups, ensuring healthy social development. She will be staying on at her foster home after the pups are adopted but the puppies will be ready to move out at in about two weeks. 

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Redwood Pals works on a foster to adopt system which allows the puppies to gain a bit more growth before being spayed and neutered (though they all will be altered before the adoptions are completed). 

Pupper downtime. Mara Segal | Dogtown

We will give the puppies their first vaccination before they leave the foster and will administer the next two by arrangement with their adopters. 

For more information or to arrange to meet the puppies, please contact us at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (707) 633-8842.

In other news, Tico and Rosie from the Fourth of July parade have been adopted! 

Sweet Kimmie is still waiting for a medical foster to take her in while she undergoes her heartworm treatment. 

Several new dogs have moved over to the shelter’s Adoptable wing. 

To see the currently available dogs and cats, please visit Perhaps your new best friend is waiting there! 

For more information about anyone listed please contact Redwood Pals or call the shelter at (707) 840-9132.


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