Dogtown: A plethora of puppies and teen gentleman Jax

Week 15 of shelter in place: The shelter staff are meeting this week to discuss what opening back up to the public might look like. I will keep you posted.  

Currently the adoptable dogs and cats are available to meet by pre-arranged appointment. Appointments can be made by calling the shelter at (707) 840-9132.

Redwood Pals Rescue was originally created to help dogs at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. Over the years our activities have expanded to include many other dog-related things from training for recent adopters to spay/neuter, vaccinations and supplemental food for homeless dogs. 

We have taken in 27 puppies in four litters since the pandemic began and, as of last Friday, two more little cuties were added to our crew!

Pyrenees Pups.

Late on Friday afternoon a call came in that puppies were being given away in front of the Post Office in McKinleyville. 

One of our volunteers was able to pick up the last two and bring them to my house where we quickly got them bathed, vaccinated, wormed and trundled off to one of our great foster homes! 

These two little Pyrenees mix boys are about seven weeks old and, other than being a little dirty and hungry on arrival, appear to be in pretty good shape. 

We will be holding on to them for a couple of weeks to get them ready for adoption but interested parties can contact us now for more information. Our email address is [email protected] and voicemail is (707) 633-8842.

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Another dog that is now with Redwood Pals Rescue is Jax. Jax is about one year old and looks like some sort of Yellow Lab mix. 


He was left in the home of a young parent who had a baby and a toddler to care for and who was not able to also care for Jax. 

Fortunately a good Samaritan helped connect the person with us. Jax is currently with a Redwood Pals foster who says he is a good boy, goofy and energetic! 

Jax is a curious teenager who likes to follow his nose and has enjoyed exploring such exciting things as the toilet paper bin and the pantry shelves. 

He is housebroken and loves to play with other dogs. Jax has already proven himself to be a good snuggler! He has lived with children but has not met cats. 

Jax is timid when meeting new people as his previous life was pretty sheltered. He has warmed up quickly once he’s had a chance to see there is nothing scary going on. 

As his new world expands so will his confidence. This is a dog that is already grateful for the chance to get out and play and get a little attention. 

He will blossom in the care of a new owner who will take him on adventures, train him and love him! To meet Jax, use the contacts listed above for Redwood Pals.



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