Dogtown: A pair of sweet, gentle ladies looking for love

The shelter’s recent adoption event was quite successful with many dogs finding homes.

Fortunately the space was not needed for any fire refugees and now, two weeks later, all the kennels are filled with adoptable dogs again. Perhaps the chaos created by fires contributed to the number of dogs coming in to the shelter. We have some great dogs in the more recent arrivals and maybe one of the current group is the one your family has been waiting for!

Today we have a pair of sweet and gentle female dogs that are ready for that real home.


Maggie is a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever. She falls well into the category of dogs that we were sure someone had to be looking for, but no one came to claim her.

Maggie is a big lover, a relaxed dog that walks nicely on the leash and likes to hang close to the person she is with.

She has not felt much like demonstrating tricks and commands, but is well housebroken and attentive and has certainly been someone’s pet.

Maggie doesn’t really pay a lot of attention to the other dogs and seems perfectly happy to love the one she’s with. She doesn’t seem to need a playmate but isn’t unpleasant to other dogs either. Maggie came in a little chubby but is looking forward to slimming down with long walks with her new friend! Come meet this lovely girl soon.


Another gentle female dog at the shelter is Hazel, a one year old medium sized pup that appears to be a mix of hound and border collie.

Hazel came in from Willow Creek with two other dogs, big Akita mix Maisey and Sport, who may or may not be a close relative, possibly a brother. Hazel is a little overwhelmed at the shelter but relaxes and shows her affectionate side once out of her kennel. She walks well on the leash and appears to be housebroken.

Like Maggie, her favorite activities are walking and being petted. She doesn’t care much for toys or fetching.

She seems a little leery of other dogs but  loved her big friend Maisey and played with her and with Sport when let loose in the play yard. We think she would be fine with another dog if she had a chance to get to know them and know she was safe.

Since Hazel came in from eastern Humboldt County, she was tested for heartworm and found to be free of the parasites.    

Both Maggie and Hazel are available from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter. They are both spayed, microchipped and current on vaccinations.

The shelter is located at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville and is open Monday through Friday with later hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More information is available at (707) 840 -9132.


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