Dogtown: Loki barks so charmingly

Doggie in drag. Submitted photo

Doggie in drag. Submitted photo

Redwood Pals has an exciting fundraiser coming up! The Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are presenting Glitter Critter Bingo as a benefit for Redwood Pals Rescue Saturday, Oct. 15 at the Bayside Grange, 2297 Jacoby Creek Rd. It will feature bingo, a costume contest, prizes and lots of glitter and glamour! Tickets are available at It will sell out so get your tickets now!

DogtownWe are so grateful to the Sisters for this. Funds raised will help us continue our work with the shelter dogs, as well as homeless dogs needing spaying and neutering, vaccinations and food. We will not have dogs at the event, but we will have photos and information. If you’d like to donate goods or services for the bingo prizes, please contact us at [email protected]. Hope to see you there!

In shelter news, the number of residents is coming down, due to adoptions and redemptions. Hopefully, that will be a continuing trend. At the time of this writing, there are still almost 30 dogs available for adoption, though not all the same 30 as last week. There is still a really good selection of males and females, large and small dogs and all kinds of different breeds.

Meet Loki

One of our favorite dogs is also one of the longer residents of the shelter and we are hoping that his time to be adopted is coming soon! Loki is a 6-year-old mixed breed mutt with a dark brindle coat and a charming disposition. Loki could be shepherd, cow dog, pit bull or something completely different. He is often used as our demo dog for orienting volunteers and is always the first one walked when new volunteers come back for their first solo runs.



Loki is such an easy walker that even one of our volunteers that is recovering from a wrist injury can walk him. This is what volunteer Meghan has to say about him: “Loki is an outstanding gentleman of a dog. He's in the prime of his life and ready to bring class and style to a lucky home. He's passed his wild puppy stage yet still has energy and good health to play and enjoy life. He has also mastered some cool tricks! He knows sit, he's housebroken and he knows speak!

“Loki is a quiet dog but when you ask him to speak he will bark in the most charming way. I think Loki has the potential to be a good singing partner with his ability to speak on cue. Loki loves other dogs and keeps his cool in crowded places and is a great dog to take on outings and gatherings. Loki is medium sized, walks great on leash and is an all around great guy.”

This lovely dog is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations and is available at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. More information is available at (707) 840-9132.

Update from last week: rescue dog Rolly is in a Redwood Pals foster home and ready to meet potential adopters. He’s a great dog and doesn’t really seem to be bothered by his funny walk. Avery may not need heartworm treatment after all, but has a foster lined up if necessary. And sweet Rocky, the blind pup, is now available for adoption through the shelter. He was missing his friend Rolly, but just met another dog that he could play with and is a happy boy again.


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