Disorderly conducts spurs beach patrols


Over the last few months, the Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase in the calls for service regarding disorderly conduct at local beaches.  These calls are primarily generated due to large parties occurring during the late evening hours.  Often times, those in attendance to the parties are unsupervised juveniles.

On 03-27-2015, the Sheriff’s Office utilized the Special Services Beach and Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Deputies to conduct a Special Patrol Operation during the night time hours to address this issue.  The Special Services Deputies are equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, as well as ATV’s, which allow them to more effectively patrol those beach areas that are harder to access.

Since the spring and summer months lie just ahead of us, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to conduct these Special Patrol Operations at random times to ensure safe and lawful use of Humboldt County’s parks and beach areas.

For a complete listing of County Codes governing the use of County Parks and Beaches, please visit  Humboldt County’s website, www.humboldtgov.org


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